Mercury-Atlas 4 - 13 September 1961 - A Simulator Astronaut

Recovery Force Ships


Designation Covers
Atlantic (Task Force Alfa)
USS Decatur SRS/PRS (actual) - Destroyer DD-936 Y
USS Plymouth Rock PRS (designated) - Dock Landing Ship LSD-29 Xi
USS Bigelow SRS - Destroyer DD-942 N
USS Borie SRS - Destroyer DD-704 N
USS Cony SRS - Destroyer DDE-508 N
USS Escape SRS -Salvage & Rescue Ship ARS-6 N
USS Glennon SRS - Destroyer DD-840 N
USS Wallace L. Lind SRS - Destroyer DD-703 N
USS Sarsfield SRS - Destroyer DDE-837 N
USS Zellars SRS - Destroyer DD-777 N
Tracking Ships
USAF Coastal Sentry TS - Indian Ocean Tracking Ship T AGM-15 N
USAF Rose Knot TS - Atlantic Tracking Ship T AGM-14 N
Not Involved  
USS Farragut2 Guided Missile Frigate DLG-6 Y
USS Forrestal2 Carrier CVA-59 Y
USS Helena2 Carrier CA-75 Y
USS Hornet2a Carrier CVA-12 Y
USS Francis Marion2 Attack Transport APA-249 Y
USS Lynde McCormick Destroyer DDG-8 Y
USS Radford Destroyer DDE-446 Y

Cachet Description of Cachet Colours Type

USS Decatur

Official ship's envelope with ship's seal & extra text

 Gold Rubber Stamp

USS Decatur1

Official ship's envelope with cachet produced by USS Decatur’s LT. J. A. Fel & extra text  Aqua Rubber Stamp

Signed PRS Covers
Postmark Description of Cover Postmark Date

USS Decatur

Crew cover signed by the Commanding Officer (thus a Captain's Cover Type 2) 13 Sept 1961
USS Decatur Late postmark and signed by the Commanding Officer. Note the ship's MA-4 cachet which appears not to have been available during the mission. This is the earliest date seen for the cachet. 1 Nov 1961
USS Decatur Late postmark and signed by an unknown Officer. Later dates are known. 1 Nov 1961

Notes General:
i) This cover with a late postmark is the only one known. An earlier one has been found by Tom Steiner.

Notes Other:
1) From Steve Durst's CD book
2) Sold on eBay during 2014 2a) 2018

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