Mercury-Atlas 3 - 25 April 1961 - Unmannedi,ii,iii

Recovery Force Ships


Designation Covers
USS Donner PRS - Dock Landing Ship LSD-20 N
USS Basilone SRS - Anti-Submarine Destroyer DDE-824 N
USS Beatty SRS - Destroyer DD-756 N
USS Bristol SRS - Destroyer DD-857 N
USS Chukawan SRS - Oiler AO-100 N
USS Donner SRS - Dock Landing Ship LSD-20 N
USS Furse SRS - Radar Picket Destroyer DDR-882 N
USS Greene SRS - Radar Picket Destroyer DDR-711 N
USS Gyatt SRS - Guided Missile Destroyer DDG-1 N
USS Hyman SRS - Destroyer DD-732 N
USS Joseph P Kennedy SRS - Destroyer DD-850 N
USS Recovery SRS - Salvage & Rescue Ship ARS-43 N
USS Steinaker SRS - Radar Picket Destroyer DDR-863 N
Tracking Ships
USAF Rose Knot TS - Atlantic Tracking Ship T AGM-14 N
USAF Coastal Sentry TS - Indian Ocean Tracking Ship T AGM-15 N
Not Involved  
USS Loftberg1 Destroyer DD-759 Y

Notes General:
i) The mission was aborted shortly after liftoff when the rocket deviated from its planned trajectory.
ii) A HR2S helicopter from the MAG-26 launch site recovery group recovered the spacecraft and returned it to Cape Canaveral.
iii) Scan of Port Canaveral cover is from Steve Durst's CD book

Notes Other:
1)  Sold on eBay during 2014

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