Interesting Covers and Other Items - 2012

This section is designed to highlight particularly interesting covers, especially those that have recently been sold on eBay or in another auction.
Previous Interesting Covers

Beck Crew Cover Sells for High Price

This cover sold for $134.50 on eBay. The cover is unusual in that it is addressed to a Mr McDougal and has an accompanying note from Morris Beck to Mr McDougal regarding the cover. This is the first time I've seen a postmarked Beck cover without a number sent to direct from Beck to anyone. Up to now such covers were believed to have be sent to the Navy to give to each ship's Postal Officer as a thank you for servicing Morris Beck's covers. This cover raises the question 'Were some un-numbered Beck covers also sent to some of Beck's customers and/or friends?'.

Great Price for Gemini 8 USS Boxer Cover on eBay Plus Other Items

Note the colour in this scan is incorrect.

A USS Boxer cover from Gemini 8 with the very hard to find green cachet sold on eBay for the very good price of $62.76. This and previous sales show that these unusual covers (examples also exist in gold, silver, blue and red with the red version being more common) are being recognised for their true rariety.

This Beck printed cover with the less common handcancel sold for $39. The rarer Beck cachets and those for PRSs are starting to bring higher prices. Considering the low numbers produced compared to the Navy cacheted covers, the Beck printed covers have long been undervalued.

The Mercury 7 PRS cover brought $33, a good price for the buyer as these covers are quite hard to find.

This set of three covers sold for $47 despite not involving the PRS. Signed recovery ship covers are gradually becoming more popular.

Interesting Apollo 12 Captain's Cover

This cover sold for $131 on eBay. See Captain's Covers for a full description.

Good Price for Gemini 6A Crew Cover

This scarce Gemini 6A PRS Beck Crew Cover sold for $81 on eBay. Beck covers in general, and Beck Crew covers in particular, have been greatly undervalued in the past. However, prices are starting to increase and can only go higher, especially for the scarce Crew covers.

Recent eBay Sales

This is the hardest to find of the SRSs for GT-6A. It sold for $21.

This hard to find Beck PRS cover sold for $32, a slight decrease on a similar cover which sold for $39 last year.

Another hard to find Beck cover sold for $33.

The above 4 signed Gemini 5 Recovery Ship covers sold for $43 after keen bidding by 7 bidders. Note that none of these covers are for the PRS.

The above Gemini 2 Beck Crew cover (along with a Sarzin launch cover) sold for the good price of $77, after 13 bids from 5 bidders, confirming that Beck PRS Crew Covers are selling for between $75-$125.

Recent Regency Superior Auction

This cover sold for $260 plus buyers commission. It is unusual in that the left Feb 20 postmark is over (or under) a Feb 26 postmark which raises questions about the cover.

Further Recent eBay Sales

This very nice Captain's Cover with the Commanding Officer's return address sold for $108.50

This interesting Apollo 8 PRS cover with an enclosed christmas card (the card back is shown with an image of the USS Yorktown) sold for $33

This PRS cover signed by the Commanding Officer sold for $22.50

Recent RR Auction

This PRS cover signed by the three Astronauts, the ship's Commanding Officer and the Recovery Helicopter pilot sold for $200 plus buyers commission.

A Rare US Navy Training Cover

This rare cover sold for $95 on eBay

Another ASTP USS New Orleans Cover

The top cover is the rare Beck B998 cover with a New Orleans postmark c/o Dr Ramkissoon. This group of 3 covers sold for $125 on eBay.

Recent RR Auction

This great signed PRS cover from Apollo 15 sold for $220 plus buyers premium in RR's March auction

Interesting Fake Gemini 12 Cover

This particularly interesting cover with a fake cachet on top of a genuine Navy cachet sold for $53 on eBay

Very Rare Training & Recovery Cover

This very rare Training and Recovery cover sold for $100 on eBay.

Several Centennial Thermographed Covers Sold on eBay

This Centennial Thermographed cover sold for $49! Several others sold for less:
Gemini 11 - Cape Canaveral - Recovery - $32
MOL - Cape Canaveral - Launch - $22.47
Apollo 8 - Cape Canaveral - Recovery - $8.49
While Centennial Thermographed covers have proved to be very popular and relatively extensive over the last 18 months or so the buyer of the Apollo 8 cover received a real bargin.

Recent eBay Sales

This cover from a ship that was scratched from the mission sold for $18.50

This very nice Morris Beck PRS cover sold for $36

This Apollo 12 Captain's cover with a hand cancel sold for a low $49.75! Part of the reason was that the sale was only available to the US. Otherwise it would have certainly gone for significantly more.

Apollo 11 Captain's Cover with Letter Sells for an Amazing Price!

This Captain's cover and unique associated letter sold for an amazing $567.55 on eBay!

More eBay Lots

This hard to find cover sold for $41.

This Captain's Cover sold for $81.

This cover sold for a very good EUR 32 ($40+)

Two More eBay Lots

This nice cover sold for a very healthy $77.

This Blank Apollo 12 Captain's Cover sold for $30.

USS Leonard F. Mason Cover

This cover sold on eBay for $49.

USS James C Owens Crew Cover

This eBay lot included a previously unknown USS James C Owens Crew Cover. It sold for $87.

Beck Missing Colour Covers

This lot of ASTP covers included two rare Beck covers with a missing colour. It sold for $87.

Beck Crew Cover

This Beck Crew cover sold for $63 on eBay. Another W.R. Skelley Jr. cover.

 An Amazing Price

This difficult to find cover brought the amazing price of $227.50 on eBay!

 Another USS Arlington

This one brought a more reasonable price of $67.50

 Some Interesting Results on eBay

This cover went for a very good $114.50.

This Goldcraft cover sold for $26.55 with 12 bids.

This very nice Beck PRS crew cover went for $67.

Another rare Beck PRS crew cover went for $77.


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