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About the site

Welcome to my site. This site gives the information about the upcoming activities done by me, a very active amateur based in Bangalore currently, in the field of astronomy like mainly sky-observations, and also astro-sketching, as well as astro-photography and telescope making. This web-site is under constant progress and updations.

This website is developed by my college classmate Giridhar Madhavan. My great thanks to him for making this such a wonderful source to display my activities and ambitions to all! Feedbacks and inputs by all are most welcome.

My trip to vainu bappu observatory (VBO)

This is Asia's largest telescope. For those of you who plan to visit the Observatory, routes from Bangalore are given. Click here

More info about VBO

Vainu Bappu Observatory is situated approximately 160 km. from Bangalore in Tamil Nadu. More info about the Observatory, it's activities research done, location etc. More here

My trip to Lonar Meteor Crater

More information about the only hypervelocity meteor crater in the world, the first largest in basalt rock and third largest impact crater in the world formed around 40,000 years ago. Click here

Binocular Messiers observed by me

During my first and second Messier Marathons, the consecutive Double Marathon held on 15th and 17th March 2007 I got results of 101 and 100 Messiers respectively! Details to be updated soon.

Here you can download an Excel spreadsheet which lists all the Messier Objects observed by me especially during my Double Marathon days with a 10x50 Olympus binoculars, handheld!

This list is constantly under modification until I finish all the observable Messiers. Please keep on checking for updations!

My Telescope Making

10" f/5.1 Comet Hunter / Deep-Sky Explorer

Some of my Projects

1) Discover a comet

2) Astronomical League Silver Award - Observed 12 out of 12 comets for the Award. Go to My Astroleague Comet Page. (Page under construction. Will be ready in a few days)

3) Assist Dr. Alan Hale (of Comet Hale-Bopp fame) in his Countdown to 500 comets program!!

As an assistant :

As a comet observer :

4) How...just how much I desire to attend the Fourth International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy (IWCA-IV) at Japan in 2009. I would seriously need to advance with my expertise in the comet field to be eligible to go there in front of the world's best cometary experts!! (click here and go to the bottom of this page for the schedule)

5) Observe all of Milky-Way's known globular clusters visible from Bangalore's Latitude - There are 100 visible and I've observed 83 of them, as per the latest session!!



Additional Information

tips on observing
tips on sketching

Downloads and Utilities

Astronomical Formulae (.doc)
Sketching form (.pdf)
more soon...


THE MAJESTIC UNIVERSE : This is an online group created by me. Here we discuss all that comes under the roof of astronomy like observing tips and events, astrophotography, telescope-making and many others, regular sky-watching trips are planned. Visit the groups main page to learn more and be a part of it, it's just a wonderful place!

INDIAN COMET OBSERVING GROUP : This is an online group created by me with an aim, also probably Asia's only group of it's kind!! This is devoted to mainly the research of comets and also possibly other minor planets also. There is a severe dearth (lack) of cometary enthusiasts and observations from India. This group solves the purpose. Here we discuss all that comes under the heading of comets. Be it news, events and updates, observations, historic comets, physics or mathematics of it, images, astrometry, photometry, spectroscopy from India mainly. This group alone is envisioned to push forward the status of Indian amateur cometary research and encourage everyone to further get interested into comets and related topics!! Visit the groups main page to learn more and be a part of it, I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss it!

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