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Episode Guides!

Listing of all Stargate SG-1 eps!
I've started making pages for each ep, just basic things for now but when they are all done i'll have some more ideas to update them....
Sam x

Season 1

1/2.Children of the Gods 10.Thors Hammer 18.Solitudes
3.Enemy Within 11.The Torment of Tantalus 19.Tin Man
4.Emancipation 12.Bloodlines 20.There but for the Grace of God
5.The Broca Divide 13.Fire and water 21.Politics
6.The First Commandment 14.Hathor 22.Within the Serpents Grasp
7.Cold Lazarus 15.Singularity
8.The Nox 16.Cor'ai
9.Brief Candle 17.Enigma

Season 2

1.In the Serpents Lair 9.Secrets 17.Serpents Song
2.In the Line of Duty 10.Bane 18.Holiday
3.Prisoners 11.Tokra Pt.1 19.One False Step
4.The Gamekeeper 12.Tokra Pt.2 20.Show and Tell
5.Need 13.Spirits 21.1969
6.Thors Chariot 14.Touchstone 22.Out of Mind
7.Message in a Bottle 15.Matter of Time
8.Family 16.The Fifth Race

Season 3

1.Into The Fire 9.Rules of Engagements 17.A Hundred days
2.Seth 10.Forever in a Day 18.Shades of Grey
3.Fair Game 11.Past and Present 19.New Ground
4.Legacy 12.Jolinars Memories 20.Maternal Instinct
5.Learning Curve 13.Devil You Know 21.Crystal Skull
6.Point of Veiw 14.Foothold 22.Nemesis
7.Deadmans Switch 15.Pretense
8.Demons 16.Urgo

Season 4

1.Small Victories 9.Scorched Earth 17.Absolute Power
2.The Other Side 10.Beneath the Surface 18.The Light
3.Upgrades 11.Point of No Return 19.Prodigy
4.Crossroads 12.Tangent 20.Entity
5.Divide and Conquer 13.Serpents Venom 21.Double Jeopardy
6.Window of Opportunity 14.The Curse 22.Exodus
7.Watergate 15.Chain Reaction
8.The First Ones 16.2010

Season 5

1.Enemies 9.Between Two Fires 17.Last Stand
2.Threshold 10.2001 18.The Warrior
3.Ascension 11.Desperate Measures 19.Menace
4.The Fifth Man 12.Wormhole X-treme 20.The Sentinel
5.Red Sky 13.Proving Ground 21.Meridian
6.Rites of Passage 14.48 Hours 22.Revelations
7.Beast of Burden 15.Fail Safe
8.The Tomb 16.Summit

Season 6

1.Redemption Pt.1 9.Allegiance 17.Forsaken
2.Redemption Pt.2 10.Cure 18.Disclosure
3.Descent 11.Prometheus 19.Challenging
4.Frozen 12.Unnatural Selection 20.Memento
5.Nightwalkers 13.Sight Unseen 21.Prophecy
6.Abyss 14.Smoke and Mirrors 22.Full Circle
6.Shadow Play 14.Paradise Lost
8.The Other Guys 16.Metamorphosis

Season 7

1.Fallen 9.Avenger 2.0 17.Heroes Part 1
2.Homecoming 10.Birthright 18.Heroes Part 2
3.Fragile Balance 11.Evolution Part 1 19.Resurrection
4.Orpheus 12.Evolution Part 2 20.Inauguration
5.Revisions 13.Grace 21.Lost City Part 1
6.Lifeboat 14.Fallout 22.Lost City Part 2
7.Enemy Mine 15.Chimera
8.Space Race 16.Death Knell

Season 8

1.New Order Pt.1 9.Sacrifices 17.Reckoning Pt.2
2.New Order Pt.2 10.Endgame 18.Threads
3.Lockdown 11.Gemini 19.Mobieus Pt.1
4.Zero Hour 12.Prometheus Unbound 20.Mobieus Pt.2
5.Icon 13.Good to be King
6.Avatar 14.Full Alert
7.Affinity 15.Citizen Joe
8.Covenant 16.Reckoning Pt.1

Disclaimer: None of the characters mentioned here are mine!Stargate SG-1 and everything in it is property of MGM! I guess everyone knows this already but I have to put it don't I. :D