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Why is it called Crossfire I hear you ask? Well Howard Metcalf was trying to generate a design based on a stretched-out cross between a Mustang and a Spitfire, the name just seemed appropriate to him. Iíll leave you to judge whether he succeeded with the design. 

You may also be wondering why there is an X in front of the Fire to get Crossfire, so letís clear that up too. On the London Underground, Charing Cross is often shown as Charing X, and while it may baffle foreign visitors, Howard found it a curious semi-graphic use of the language that can be put to good use here

If you are thinking where are the pictures, then click on products but, beware it may take some time for the pictures to fully load


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Crossfire is only available by mail order, overseas customer should first e mail to find out the carriage charges for delivery to their location.

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01749 679739
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