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Countdown to my 5th birthday!!!!


Benjamin's Page

BENJAMIN -- 4 Years Old



Ben and his Buddy, Allie

Ben the "COW" boy!!!
(Ben's Godparents---Joan's cousins--own a Dairy Farm near Cape)

1st Day of Pre-School 2003
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1sthaircut.gif (75702 bytes)
First Professional Hair cut
(before he realized what 
was going on)

ben-heels.gif (77269 bytes)
In heels?
(those sisters!)




Welcome to Ben's Page!  I am the one and only prince of the Warren Castle!

I'm a big boy now!  I started preschool on January 6, 2003 (at Allie's school), and I get to ride a school bus!  My mom LOVES to walk over from her office so that she can see me get off the bus every day (and to give me a very big hug!)  I have lots of friends to play with during the day, and when we go home I like to read LOTS of books and play with my train, my cars, my little people, and my drums...(and "try" to watch movies until my family can't stand it any longer!)  I also like to play with my sisters.  They like to play restaurant with me because I'm a REALLY good play-food eater! 

I know all of my colors (I can "say" them all in sign-language and can "speak" a few), I'm VERY good at shape sorters and puzzles, and I know over 100 words in sign language.  I also speak a few words...but my mom and my teachers have to be really tough with me because talking is still hard for me.

Shortly after I was born, my family found out that I have Down Syndrome.   For those unfamiliar with what DS means in this day and age...we can't tell you.  Because of modern day "early intervention," the experts don't really know too much more about my future than they did about yours when you were born.  

Although I have experienced delays in my development, I am totally expected to grow up and become a strong, honest, loving, caring individual --with Jesus living right smack dab in the middle of my heart!  (My mom says that's what all parents should wish for)

For my family's sake and for mine, forget the historical picture of Down Syndrome, and give me a chance to prove just what I will excel won't be disappointed.


Ben's Story



Ben and "Jesus!"

(okay...everyone's had their pic on Santa's many can say they waited in line to sit on "Jesus'" lap!?) These pictures were taken at the end of a Passion Play our family saw 4/04. Ben LOVED his moment on "Jesus'" lap!


DS Links:

For accurate information on Down Syndrome,
 follow the link below.

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