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Examples of Troll Posts
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Due to popular demand (okay, I admit it, I wanted to do this) this section of the site gives a small selection of my "favourite" trolls. Obviously, the term favourite isn't in any sense positive - these are trolls who are the most interesting from the spectators viewpoint, but have also caused a great deal of havoc.

Read them and enjoy. Some of them are funny (some are very funny), and some are really quite pathetic. Most are both.

You'll no doubt notice the ratings... these aren't for the trolls themselves. This is not a trolling leaderboard. The higher the rating, the more pathetic the troll. The ratings are for how the community deals with the troll, and how interesting their response is.

Note also that these are Troll threads - not specific trolls. One or more trolls may be involved in the thread itself. Ask yourself: Who are they? Do they crop up more than once?

Bear in mind the advice on the main page - how would you handle the following situations?

  • Bizarre!
    This sort of thing normally quite happily resides on the paranoid newsgroups, but here it is, on a Music forum, a Guns forum, and a local forum. A trollish post, no doubt, but for the conspirationalists amongst us, very much a fascinating idea that's worth seriously considering for... oooh... 3 seconds.

    The troll is Old - he should have gotten bored years ago, but he keeps on coming back. A sad, sad, individual.

  • C-C-C-Carry On, Potter
    See also: One, Two, and Three
    This troll doesn't just reside in the Harry Potter NG, but since this is the group that I learnt about it, the NG is the focus of this example. An inherently sad thing, and most definately a bored troll (see: here), with far too much time on its hands. Although it is a career Troll, it isn't a particularly sucessful one, and tends to get laughed at more often than it actually causes trouble. It isn't handled particularly well on the Harry Potter NG, however (until eventually added to plonk files) and stirs up a little trouble. Obviously not a particularly clever troll, as its attempts to be controversial fall rather flat. Bad Monkey!

    But this troll is particularly prattish, mostly because he swears in a group that is largely populated by children.

  • Godstation
    If I had to pick a Troll to be marooned on an island with, this one would be it. I could laugh at it for years. The Troll has made the somewhat tenuous link between homosexuality and the Playstation... and God's Wrath upon both. Most of the humour doesn't stem from the Troll, but rather the users of the group, who literally line up to take potshots at it. It's frankly hilarious to see the troll subverted, and beaten around the head with its own arguments. A truly pathetic Troll, but a truly fantastic read.

  • Spielberg: The Plagiarist
    A fascinating insight into the early work of a particular troll. This one is noted on the main page. "Togetherinparis", "Ross Nicholson", "Bubba Nicholson" are all the same troll - and all argue that not only do they know Spielberg, but that he stole many of his ideas from "Bubba" to make his films. Badly handled by the community, Bubba is allowed to flourish, and ultimately the newsgroup died an untimely death.

    More to come, Bookmark this page and keep coming back!