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UML CASE Tool Tutor


Visual Modeling
Mind Mapping
User Story
Story Mapping
UX Design
Wireframe Tool
Storyboard Tool
High-Fidelity Mockup Tools
Enterprise Architecture
ArchiMate (Certified)
TOGAF ADM Guide-Through
Project Management
PMBOK Process Map
Generic Project Mgmt.
Business Motivation (BMM)
Code & Database
UML to Code, Code to UML
Database Rev & Gen
Hibernate ORM
Free Community Edition
30-Days Evaluation
Academic Partnership
Reseller Partnership
  Class Diagram   Entity Relationship Diagram   User Story Map   Web Wireframe   Project Management Guide-through   Just-in-Time PMBOK Preocess
Visual Paradigm is a tool suite designed to support a wide variety of software development needs, which include system design with UML 2.x, SysML, DFD, process mapping with BPMN 2.0, database design with ERD, agile product backlog management with user story map, enterprise architecture with TOGAF ADM guided process, enterprise architecture modeling with ArchiMate 3, project management with Project Management guided process and Just-in-Time PMBOK process map, user experience (UX) design with wireframe tool, customer experience (CX) design with Customer Journey Mapping, code generation and reversal, database generation and reversal, REST API design, Hibernate ORM, mind mapping, decision table, case management with CMMN, and many other features.
  New Features of Visual Paradigm 14.2 Service Pack 1
10+ Customer Journey Map enhancements (e.g. Persona, various charts)
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Five Forces Analysis
Four Corners Analysis
Inclusion of second level properties in ETL Table
  New Features of Visual Paradigm 14.2
Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)
Automatic document generation from Customer Journey Map
On-Demand Model ETL
Tailoring Just-in-Time Process with custom diagrams and text
Target-First BMM Guide-Through Process
Automatic visualization of BMM traceaibilities with ArchiMate diagram
New online drawing tools: Online State Machine Diagram tool, Online Activity Diagram tool, Online Component Diagram tool, Online Deployment Diagram tool, Online Package Diagram tool
  New Features of Visual Paradigm 14.1 Service Pack 1
Business Motivation Model (BMM) Guide-Through
Localized repository for accessing VPository (cloud) features
Task Management for Just-in-Time Process Maps (PMBOK, TOGAF, Project Management)
Guide-Tour for Guide-Through and Just-in-Time Processes
Scrum: Automated spike management process
Scrum: Simplified-version of Story Map (3 or 4 levels)
Scrum: Configurable Affinity Table
New online drawing tools: Online Use Case Diagram tool, Online Class Diagram tool, Online Sequence Diagram tool, Online ITIL Diagram tool
  You can download the cross-platform, free community edition of Visual Paradigm here.
  Completely FREE learning guides and resources for every software team, covering UML, Agile, TOGAF, PMBOK, BPMN, ERD and more at: Learning Guides
  Full set of online UML, BPMN, EA and Project Management tutorials in the Tutorials page.