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In 1971, Detroit Red Wings-owner Bruce Norris presented plans for a European professional league with the best teams being able to participate in the Stanley Cup play-offs. Norris envisaged European club teams with working agreements with an NHL club and spent $300.000 on his European team, the London Lions. The league was planned to start in the autumn of 1973 but Russians and Czechs protested as professional athletes would stop all participation in the Olympic Games. The main stumbling block concerned the availability of players for the World Championships, which were played in March and April when the European League would be approaching the playoffs. Even if the idea of a league was off for the 1973-74 season, Norris decided to go ahead with the London Lions, which toured Europe like an icehockey equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters.

This is a presentation of the legendary London Lions...

left to right: Bibeau, Pyatt, Korney, Sterner
McCutcheon, Johnson, Simpson, Shaw
McCarthy, McCann, Holmqvist, McQuiston

In traditional heraldry, the Winged Lion was the symbol of St. Mark, adopted as the heraldic device of Venice. The special icehockey version combined the British Lion of Wembley with the Red Wings of Detroit (see Red Wings-affiliates).

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