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The Trinity Delusion An examination of the doctrine of the Trinity

II Clement

(ca. 140 A.D. Author Unknown)

Brethren, it is fitting that you should think of Jesus Christ as of God, as the judge of the living and the dead. And it does not become us to think lightly of our salvation; for if we think little of him, we shall also hope but to obtain little. And those of us who hear carelessly of these things, as if they were of small importance, commit sin, not knowing whence we have been called, and by whom, and to what place, and how much Jesus Christ submitted to suffer for our sakes. What return, then, shall we make to him, or what fruit that shall be worthy of that which tie has given to us? For, indeed, how great are the benefits which we owe to him! He has graciously given us light; as a Father, he has called us sons; he has saved us when we were ready to perish. (I).

As Christ the Lord who saved us, though he was first a Spirit became flesh, and thus called us, so shall we also receive the reward in this flesh. (IX).

To the Only God, invisible, Father of truth, who sent forth to us the Saviour and Author of immortality, through whom He also manifested to us the truth and the heavenly life, to Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen. (XX).

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