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The Trinity on Trial An in-depth examination of a doctrine

Resorting to the Ridiculous

At times the claims of Trinitarian apologists are downright ridiculous.

How many times have you heard a Trinitarian claim the Magi bowed down before baby Jesus because they knew he was God? How many times have you heard them claim that nobody would do such a thing unless he was indeed God? How many times have you wondered if they bowed down before him simply because he was the King of the Jews? And have you ever wondered if they, and even the Jewish people themselves, considered it appropriate to bow down before a King? Do Trinitarians really expect us to believe the Jews did not know anything about a three person God because God had not yet "fully revealed himself" but the pagan Magi were well aware that Jesus was God?

And when Mary his mother changed baby Jesus' diapers did she really think she was changing God's diapers? Or was Jesus' own mother not privy to the same insight as the Trinitarians? The Bible says Jesus was subject to Joseph and Mary. It must have been quite difficult for them to have such authority over God. "God, go to your room!" And are we really to believe that Joseph was guarding God from Herod when he fled to Egypt with little Jesus? And when Joseph and Mary realized they had lost Jesus on their trip home from Jerusalem, are we really to believe they were worried they had inadvertently left God behind? And what was God doing growing in wisdom and favor with God and men anyway?

Are we really to accept the Trinitarian translation of Hebrews 1:8, "To the Son he says, 'Your throne O God is forever and ever" and blindly fail to notice the very next verse would then refer to God's God? Are we really supposed to be completely blind to the fact that this would have God the Father speaking to God the Son and reminding God the Son that he has a God? Are we really to accept the Trinitarian "only begotten God" manuscript variant of John 1:18 when it says this only begotten God reveals God the Father who happens to be the unbegotten God? Are we really supposed to stick our tongue in cheek and not see that this would result in a begotten God revealing an unbegotten God. That would be two Gods, one begotten and one not. How many doses of denial do they expect us to take?

Are we really to pretend Jesus was omniscient, all knowing, when we are told that he increased in wisdom? Are we really supposed to believe this preposterous claim when Jesus himself said only the Father knew the day and hour of his return? Did the word "only" lose its meaning last night? Just to what extent to Trinitarians expect us to deceive ourselves?

And when Trinitarians respond to John 20:17 by pointing out that Jesus said, "My God and your God" but did not say "My God and our God," just what exactly are they suggesting? That Jesus' God is a different God than our God? What difference would it make? Isn't "My God and Your God" simply an emphatic way of saying "Our God?" And if you only believe in one God then there is no difference in the identity of "My God" and "your God" is there? Or perhaps their entire goal was to confuse the issue to avoid the implications of Jesus words? After all, he is saying that our God is the same God as his God. Who was his God? Just what are Trinitarian apologists trying to do here?