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The Trinity Delusion An examination of the doctrine of the Trinity

The Invented Three-Person God

The Unmentioned God: The Missing Three-Person-God

The God the Bible Fails to Mention

The Bible is our story of the Creator of the Universe and his relationship with humanity. The story begins with the account of God creating the universe and the first human known to all of us as "Adam." The Bible is the account of humanity's relationship to God and how God is redeeming humankind through his Son Jesus Christ and bringing all things into perfection. The most important and significant character of the story of God and humanity is the Supreme Being Creator known most commonly to English speakers as "God." The character "God" is mentioned thousands of times in this story. God is the main character of the Bible.

The confessed God of Trinitarians is a three person God. And the most interesting thing about their God is that this alleged three person being is not once mentioned in the entire story of God and humanity. The three person God is never described anywhere in pages of the Scriptures. This God is ignored, neglected, forgotten, overlooked, disregarded, unheard-of, unmentioned, unacknowledged, unconfessed, and non-existent on the pages of the Bible. This three person God is nowhere disclosed anywhere on those pages. Yet Trinitarians themselves insist that their doctrine of a three person God is the most central doctrine of the Christian faith.

Is it not just a little bit crazy to claim the main character of the Bible is an identity who is never once mentioned or confessed in the entire Bible where God is the main character and mentioned thousands of times? One can search from the first page to the last and never find one mention of a three person God. Although God is mentioned thousands of times on the pages of the Bible, not once is God identified as a three person being. The Trinitarian three person God is nowhere to be found in the Bible.

Unacknowledged in Scripture: Three-person-God
Acknowledged in Scripture: God the Father,Son of God,Holy Spirit of God,

Now of course, being creative human beings, Trinitarians are quite capable of imagining a three person God into the Bible wherever they think it is possible and convenient for them to do so. They choose to see a three person God wherever they want to see this alleged being and choose to see this supposed three person being wherever they think it is possible to make such a claim without appearing too awfully disingenuous. "Oh yes, here is our God at Matthew 28:19 and Genesis 1:26" they insist. Yet there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to presume either of these passages is referring to a three-person God. What the overwhelming majority of Trinitarians do not realize is that they start by accepting the preconceived notion this three person God actually exists without any reliable evidence this three person God actually does indeed exist. And then they take this preconceived notion and read it back into the text of the Bible when there is absolutely no reason to do so. Of course, the Trinitarian thinks in his own mind he does have evidence. But where is this evidence of a three person God in the Scriptures? It is nowhere to be found. This three person God concept was created by men. Perhaps this is the reason the Jews had never conceived of a three person God? Although this three person God is not confessed anywhere in the Scriptures, this fact does not seem to bother the Trinitarian. It rarely occurs to him, if ever, that he could be worshiping a God that does not even exist - a false god, an idol. Indeed, most Trinitarians will not even allow themselves to entertain the possibility.

The concept of a three person God for the Trinitarian does not begin on the pages of Scripture since he simply cannot find a three person God reported anywhere therein. Rather, his three person God begins as an idea in his own mind. His God is created and fashioned; it is built as one builds an idol. The Bible is a very large book. One can create almost any concept if he picks and chooses ideas from its pages. So the Trinitarian begins with an idea of his creation in his mind and then travels through the pages of Scripture looking for building materials to make his God. And when he has collected enough building materials to satisfy himself, he creates his own god with his collected materials.

The Trinitarian mind works very oddly at this point. Since God presents himself as "I" and "Me" and is described as "He" and "Him," the Trinitarian ordinarily imagines his God to be the Father of Jesus Christ. However, when he perceives a discussion of his three person God might be in view, it becomes necessary for him to shift his mind to another God, the three person God. Now, he points to passages where God is speaking and uses terms like "us" and "our" and imagines these three individuals in the mentioned group are the three persons of his God. When this occurs, his God now becomes an "Us" and "Our," and by implication, a "They" and "Them."

The Trinitarian God is a God created by men. Of course they deny that to be the case even though they can't find their God anywhere in the Scriptures. The Trinitarian can provide no evidence whatsoever this three person God actually exists. Rather, he would like to read his three person God into the Biblical text where he thinks he can get away with it. Perhaps he begins with ignorance thinking that counting "one, two, three" at Matthew 28:19 amounts to one single three-person-God. And so he would like to show you how he fashions and builds his three person God from the Scriptures he selects for this creation. Since he can't find this God in the Scriptures, He would like to show you how to create this God for yourself. One of the reasons he feels such a need to go hunting through the Scriptures to build, and then justify, this unmentioned God is just for that reason; his God is unmentioned and therefore needs to be manufactured.

Most Trinitarians do this because they find themselves sitting smack dab in the middle of a church that insists that he believes in the Trinity. And another reason he feels a need to create his unreported God is because all these other folks also serve this God and he would like to be approved among his peers. Being approved to God is much less important to him. And he also feels a need to believe in this unmentioned God because he finds some passages in the Bible which confuse him unless he creates a three person God to make these passages work for him. His God is a God of necessity and a requirement designed to suit his own needs. Without his three person god he is left confused and does not know what to do with John 1:1 and John 20:28. So instead of looking for the truth, as Jesus taught us to do, he decides to create his own truth, his own three person God.

Let there not be a strange God among you and do not bow down to a strange God. (Psalm 81:9).

The Neglected God: The Forgotten Three-Person-God

The God that Needed to be Retrieved

Trinitarians like to pretend the doctrine of the Trinity was a doctrine believed by the very first Christians. Unfortunately, this necessarily means the Triune God was completely forgotten. Yes, the most central doctrine of the faith somehow got lost through the decades that immediately followed the pages of the Bible. Not only did anyone forget to mention this three person God in the Bible, a large segment of the entire early church seems to have simply forgotten about this God too.

When the Modalists later showed up in the second century, many Christians had simply forgotten about the Triune God. Indeed, there were church leaders who thought the Modalist model of God was a pretty doggone good way to describe God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Other Christians who rejected the Modalist model didn't seem to know anything about the Trinity doctrine that was allegedly taught by the apostles and handed down to their successors. If the church had always had this doctrine of the Trinity they could have roundly refuted the Modalist position by simply pointing out that Christians had always believed in the doctrine of the Trinity since the time of the Apostles. But that is not what happened because no such concept existed in the early church.

For the next 200 years after Modalism erupted, men within the church argued about the nature of Jesus and his relationship to God. Did anyone stand up and try to refute all challenges by simply pointing out the church had always believed in the doctrine of the Trinity, three persons in one God? No, that did not happen because no such thing existed. Such a doctrine did not exist until around the end of the fourth century.

The historical facts show the doctrine of the Trinity was a developed concept over two centuries of debating the issue. This reveals quite plainly to thinking people that this teaching was not something handed down by the apostles. This plain fact is devastating to Trinitarian claims. And so, for Trinitarians, these historical facts are quite simply..... denied. An imaginary account of history is much more congenial to their doctrine: Revisionist History.

Trinitarians feel much better pretending to themselves, and to others, that the doctrine of the Trinity was something believed and taught by the apostles and henceforth passed on to the Christians who lived immediately thereafter and so on and so on. Even though they have absolutely no proof that this is the case, and even though the facts indicate otherwise, this is what they want to believe. And that is what they need to believe. Because if that is not the case, their doctrine is found to be a fairy tale developed by wayward men of the fourth century. Unfortunately for them, the facts of history reveal otherwise. And that is something which calls for outright denial of the historical facts on the part of Trinitarians. They simply must deny that their three person God was forgotten by the early church if indeed this teaching has been taught by the Apostles.

Do you thus repay the LORD, O foolish and unwise people? Is not He YOUR FATHER who has bought you? He has made you and established you.... You neglected the Rock who begat you, And forgot the God who gave you birth....See now that I, I am He, And there is no god besides ME. (Deuteronomy 32).

The Jigsaw Puzzle God - One Three-Person-God: Assembly Required

The God which Requires Construction

The Triune God is a God which requires assembly. You must construct this God. You must build this God for yourself. Since this God can nowhere be found in the pages of the Bible, you must gather up building materials from the pages of Scripture. But you must follow the instructions to build this God correctly. You must gather up the prescribed building materials. And having gathered them up, you must fit them together as prescribed and instructed by Trinitarians. And having fitted them together you have constructed for yourself your very own three-peron God.

The sober minded and clear thinking Christian will quickly and readily see that this is idol building. When you construct your own God what you have is an idol.

What profit is the idol when its maker has carved it, or an image, a teacher of falsehood? For its maker trusts in his own handiwork when he fashions speechless idols. (Habakkuk 2:18).

The Hide and Seek God: The 'Where's Waldo' Three-Person-God

The Elusive God which Needs to be Caught

Another way this three-person-God is perceived by Trinitarians is a secret and elusive God which needs to be "discovered" and which the Jews had never discovered. While the Bible should be God's revelation of himself to mankind, it is unfortunate that God, and his inspired prophets, completely failed to mention the three-person-God. But as if God is like a child playing "catch me if you can" or a child playing a game of hide and seek, one must discover this God by catching glimpses of this three person being here and there in various places in the Bible as if God is throwing out clues and playing a game with us. In short, God is playing a game of "Where's Waldo."

We worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews. (John 4:22).

The Invented God: The Three-Person-God Product of Human Philosophy

And Man said, "Let us make God in our imagination according to our liking"

The God which Resulted from Human Imaginations

Since no three person God can be found mentioned anywhere in the entire Bible, and instead of concluding this likely means a three-person-God doesn't exist, Trinitarians believe they can demonstrate the existence of a three-person-God by human logic. This is demonstrated in the common statement of Trinitarians:

Premise 1: The Bible teaches that there is only one God.

Premise 2: The Bible teaches that there are three distinct persons called God, known as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Conclusion: The three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the one God.

Now the above logical conclusion is a farce due to the fallacy of equivocation in the argumentation. However, that is beside the point here. The point here is that Trinitarians actually have a God who is the product of the human mind. Their God is the result of human philosophy. In words, their God is the result of their own imaginations. A three person God is required for them to satisfy their theological requirements especially with respect to their own interpretations of the Bible and to satisfy those interpretations. In they have an image of God, an image from their imagination, an image created by their imaginations to satisfy their intellectual needs. It is complete madness.

"Those who barter for another God multiply their sorrows." (Psalm 16:4).

Last Updated: March 27, 2011