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The Trinity on Trial An in-depth examination of a doctrine

The Deceptive Triune God

As I looked, thrones were placed and one that was ancient of days took his seat; his raiment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like pure wool" (Daniel 7:9).

The Trinitarian God is a new god. A three person god was not the God of the Israelites nor was a three person being the God of Jesus. We have absolutely no reason to believe the Old Testament Jews, or Jesus, knew anything about serving a three person God. The Israelite God was not a three person God. Jesus, an Israelite, also served a one person God, his Father and only his Father.

"My Father and your Father, my God and your God." - Jesus

When confronted with the very serious gravity of this problem, Trinitarians contrive a response that usually goes something like "God had not fully revealed Himself" to anyone before the birth of Christ. In other words, God told the truth, just not the "whole truth." Does such a claim really pan out? Did God simply refrain from revealing the number of persons of God? Or is this a disingenuous claim of a people worshiping a disingenuous God created by men? Did the one God of Israel indeed represent himself as one singular person to the people of Israel? Yes, He most certainly did.

Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, the God which Old Testament Jews worshiped was indeed a three person God. Now let us suppose this three person God never once even offered a hint as to the number of persons that constituted the entity known as "God." And let us suppose the Chosen people of God, the Israelites, had absolutely no evidence whatsoever to indicate how many persons God was. Let us suppose that no evidence at all from God existed that would lead the Israelites to believe one way or the other. If that were the case, then could we say that God simply "did not fully reveal" the number of persons that made up the entity "God?" Yes we could. If that was indeed the case, one could claim "God had not fully revealed himself" just as Trinitarians do. But was this the case? No, it is most certainly not.

This new Trinitarian three person God is a very disingenuous God. He is downright deceptive. In the Old Testament, we find the one God of Israel led His people to think that he was simply one person, the Father, and the Spirit of God was what he was, His divine power, energy and presence, the Holy Spirit of the Holy God. But the Trinitarian would have us believe that we are to understand the Old Testament Holy Spirit was a third divine person of the Triune Godhead in addition to God the Father and Jesus. God just coyly forgot to mention this three person multiplicity to the thousands of people who lived, and followed Him, and died believing He was one person. This three person God spent an inordinate amount of effort revealing everything under the sun to the Israelites but forgot to mention what Trinitarians claim is the most important doctrine of the faith: that God was three persons and not one.

Trinitarians attempt to say that God simply refrained from revealing all the facts and this is His perogative. But that is not the situation we have and the situation is much, much worse than God refraining from telling His chosen people the whole truth about Himself. The Triune God knowingly led his people to think otherwise. This is deception. The three person God was a deceptive God representing himself himself as one person when He was actually three all along. He spoke of Himself profusely with the singular personal pronouns "I," and "Me," and inspires his prophets to describe Him with the singular personal pronouns "He," and "Him," even though he was a three person being all along. God knows very well that humans understand this kind of language is used to refer to a single person. If indeed God was three persons he was knowingly misleading his own people.

And God represented himself as a singular person by invoking anthropomorphic terminology as well. He portrayed himself in terms of a single human person. Of course we all know he wasn't trying to convey he was a human being of flesh. But it is also quite plain that God fully intended to give the Jews the notion that he was one person by describing himself in this manner. He describes himself as "a soul," the Hebrew word for a person. He went for walks in the Garden of Eden like a singular human person would; He portrays himself with the visual images of singular person who has eyes, ears and a heart, arms and fingers, a back, the white hair of an old man, and sits on a throne in heaven surrounded by angels, the Father of his chosen people, the Israelites being His firstborn son. These are all things we are conditioned to ascribe to a singular person. And of course this is something God knows. And God also knows that it is absolute deception to know that such language would cause people to think one thing if indeed another thing was actually the truth. The Trinitarian three person God is an extremely disingenuous God who misled His own people into believing He was one person when He never was. All along while the faithful Israelites chanted the Shema, "the LORD our God, the LORD is one" and thought to themselves that God was one singular person because He had presented Himself to them as one person in many and various ways, Trinitarians would have us believe that He was actually one trio of three persons all along. The new Trinitarian God is a very deceptive God.

Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing at the right hand of God (Acts 7:56).

The Trinitarian God finds no problem with creating total chaos and confusion among His own chosen people due to the fact he regularly represented himself in a way that He knew would lead His people to think He was one person. In the Old Testament, Yahweh identifies Himself in singular person terminology and as the Father of His Chosen People and they are all commanded to remember that "the Lord our God the Lord is One" with all these singular person images implanted in their minds by God Himself. In fact, Yahweh, explicitly identifying himself as the Father, told the Israelites there was no other God besides "Me." How misleading. This "Father" was a three person being all along. The prophesied Messiah is understood to be the son of Yahweh and begotten of Yahweh. Who was this one God who would beget this Son? A three person being? Jesus is the Son of God Most High and identifies his God as his Father and his Father as his God. Indeed, we too are sons of this God. Who is this God who begets these sons? A three person God? We are told even further that the one God is the Father of the spirits of all men and all men are his offspring who live and move and have their being in Him. A three person God? The Lord and God of Jesus was Yahweh God and He still is the Lord and God of Jesus. Who was Jesus' God? One person or three? Jesus' apostle, Paul, refers to the Father as "the one God" and Jesus is the mediator between men and this one God. We are told that the Father of Jesus is the only one who possesses self-immortality. Jesus' apostle, Jude, describes the Father as "the only God." God's Son Jesus describes the Father as "the only God." John describes the Father as "the true God." Paul describes the Father as the "living and true God." Jesus refers to His Father as "the only true God." But according to Trinitarians, we are not to understand that any of these statements mean that the Father alone is the only true God. No, no, don't be silly. We are to believe that God Most High is a three person being who had unfortunately led the naive Israelites into supposing he was one person, their Abba Father, and in spite of the plain fact that this supposed three person God is not once reported anywhere in the Scriptures.

We have one Father - God (John 8:41).

Did a three person God simply refrain from "fully revealing" His true identity? No. Nothing could be further from the truth. The God of the Old Testament revealed himself to the Israelites in many and various ways that normally indicate one singular person to people. If indeed He is one person He was being quite truthful with everyone. But if He is actually three persons this God was being totally deceptive. The Triune God knew all along these representations would lead his people into thinking he was one person, just as they do to this very day. The Trinitarian three person God is a very deceptive God.