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The Trinity Delusion An examination of the doctrine of the Trinity

Why I Abandoned the Trinity

You turned to God from idols to serve a Living and True God, and to wait for His son from heaven. 1 Thessalonians 1:9-10

Greetings. I am the creator of this website, The Trinity Delusion formerly known as The Trinity on Trial. My initial purpose in creating this website was to create a framework which would provide an effective way to organize my own investigation into the veracity of the doctrine of the Trinity which had been my own doctrine for many years. Now that my research is nearing completion, the purpose of The Trinity Delusion is changing and it now exists primarily for you: to provide you with significant and useful information for your consideration which will help you determine whether you should reject the doctrine of the Trinity.

I wish I knew what I could say here that would convince anyone reading this page. But I can only testify. When I speak of these things, I am always reminded how the Pharisees refused to listen to Jesus. Jesus spoke the very words of God and he did not convince them. And I am reminded how he said that if they would not listen to him, they will not listen to his disciples either. If you want the truth of this matter, and if you look, I know with absolute certainty that you will find what I found. The Trinity is a false doctrine from false prophets. I dearly want you to see this fact with the greatest clarity. But whether you desire to seek the truth, or not, is not up to me. That's up to you.

I grew up in a Lutheran church congregation (ELCA). My father's side of the family had been Lutherans since the Reformation in Scandinavia. Hence, the denomination of my youth was determined by ethnic tradition. As you probably know, Lutherans believe and teach the doctrine of the Trinity. As a Lutheran, I was required to attend Confirmation classes over a period of two years in preparation for my Confirmation when I would receive my first Communion. These classes were intended to teach me the essentials of the Christian faith from a Lutheran viewpoint. Shortly after the time I was confirmed, just before my 14th birthday, my family began to attend a Pentecostal congregation which belonged to the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC). This denomination is a sister denomination to the Assemblies of God in USA. If you don't know, they too are Trinitarians and should not be confused with "Oneness Pentecostals."

Until I began to investigate the doctrine of the Trinity about 12 years ago, I cannot recall a time when I ever doubted the Trinity. I distinctly remember being taught that Jesus was "God" at a very young age in Sunday school by my own mother. I was also taught the doctrine of the Trinity in my childhood years and expected to understand the doctrine to be confirmed in the Lutheran church. In later years, I had a unique opportunity over a period of years to evangelize numerous Jehovah's Witnesses. A common strategy implemented by Trinity believers is to engage JW's in debate concerning the Trinity and/or "the deity of Christ." In order to effectively use this approach, it is quite necessary to have a solid understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity. A time came when I moved away from this particular city and I no longer had this same unique opportunity to evangelize Jehovah's Witnesses. A few years later, I also attended a Christian & Missionary Alliance Bible college for 3 years. They too are Trinitarians. I attended this particular school simply because it was local and the most convenient place to engage in academic studies. At the time, this school's beliefs were very similar to mine. Additionally, I have literally spent thousands of hours upon hours studying the Scriptures. I tell you these things not for persuasion's sake but to provide you with some background especially since it is customary among Trinitarians to claim dissenters do not understand the doctrine of the Trinity whether or not that is actually the case.

I also had no "ulterior motives" whatsoever for rejecting this doctrine. To this day, I have never belonged to, or attended, a non-Trinitarian church, nor have I ever been involved with any non-Trinitarian groups of any kind such as Jehovah's Witneses, Oneness Pentecostals, Christadelphians, Unitarians, etc. My reasons for rejecting the doctrine of the Trinity stem solely from my own personal research into the truth of the Scriptures and were not the result of being influenced by any other non-Trinitarian person or group. My only motive has been a desire for the truth, something which is no respector of persons. I am convicted by the facts not the influences or persuasions of men.

When I first began my investigation into the veracity of my own doctrine of the Trinity, I had no idea I would find it to be completely false. At first, I was simply attempting to resolve some difficulties in my own Trinitarian beliefs. Today, I am astonished at the extent of the lies. If I had never looked, I would have never known. Previous to my investigation, I had only looked for reasons to believe the doctrine of the Trinity (this is typical among Trinitarians). Now I began to examine myself and scrutinize my beliefs (Trinitarians typically do not do this). Prior to that point in time, if you had suggested to me what I am now suggesting to you, I would have likely dismissed it without a second thought just as every Trinitarian is conditioned to do. But I would have done so without a true awareness and an honest exploration of the facts. Passion for the truth has led me to examine my own doctrine, one discovery has opened a door to another, and my initial investigation into the matter henceforth led me to critically explore whether my doctrine was even true. And having thoroughly investigated this matter, the subsequent discoveries of the facts now compel me to confess that only the Father of Jesus is to be identified as the one true God and the God of the Christians is identical to the God of Jesus, no more, no less. I am also completely persuaded by the facts that the Trinity is "another god" invented by men who created this idol in the same manner as the Israelites who fashioned a golden calf when they didn't know what else to do. Not knowing what to do with certain passages of Scripture except to imagine up and create a three-person-God for themselves, they have obliviously fallen into the same error of creating their own golden calf while and yet wonder how the Israelites could have ever done the very same thing. The Scriptures were never meant to be a source of building materials to use for constructing your own deity. Our God is not a constructed thing; idols are constructed.

About twelve years ago, I made up a list of about a dozen of our favorite Trinitarian proof-texts and decided to more carefully investigate these verses which we Trinitarians commonly employed in our apologetic endeavours. I cannot recall all my specific reasons for doing so except that I was trying to resolve some difficulties with our beliefs, especially concerning our peculiar belief that God created by means of two distinctly different words: (1) His spoken Word and (2) a person, His son, who also just happened to be called the Word. As a Trinitarian, I could not honestly make any sense out of this without resorting to ridiculous mental gymnastics. With things like this in mind, I set out to investigate our claims concerning those verses on my list more carefully and much more critically than most Trinitarians will ever entertain. I immediately found very significant problems with our claims for those verses which I had listed. I would later discover we had very serious problems with with every single one of our claims. During my inital investigation, I recall being especially disturbed by our usual claims concerning Hebrews chapter one. The weight of the context here did not support what we claimed - that the author was demonstrating Jesus was God by contrasting his superority with angelic inferiority. But it was quite clear that the overwhelming weight of the context was referring to a human who had once been inferior to the angels and now had become superior to the angels in his resurrection and for that very reason all the angels were to henceforth bow down to him. In fact, the text stated it quite explicitly. Why didn't I see that before? It is so obvious. I never saw it for the same reason every Trinitarian never sees these things. We never looked for problems with our doctrine; we conveniently overlooked them since we were conditioned by Trinitarianism to only look for reasons to believe it and promote it. We Trinitarians suffered from an extreme case of confirmation bias. We were blind to anything which did not suit us and clearly saw things which weren't really there. And I found other serious problems with the other verses on my list during that initial investigation. This initial investigation then led to several years of research and investigation into all of our Trinitarian claims concerning our so-called "evidence" which we claimed we had for believing in this doctrine. I have now spent literally thousands of hours researching and studying various things which relate to this doctrine. Sorting out this tangled web of deceit has been much like untying a huge tangled ball of knots and the result was to see the errors in every single knot. The result was my abandonment of this confusion of lies for the simple straight line of truth. And while I discovered error upon error, I also spent considerable time looking for, and finding, the truth of the matter. And I found it. It was plainly simple and clear, without conflict, incredibly easy to understand, and fits the entire context of the Bible, every single word, perfectly. There was no longer any need to disingenuously pretend that I had considered "the whole counsel of God" on the matter while hypocritically ignoring any and every fact of Scripture which does not suit the Trinity. Now I really had considered the whole counsel of Scripture.

Because of the facts, because of the truth, I personally found it necessary to reject and abandon the doctrine of the Trinity, the product of men, a man-made god, in order to serve the living and true God: the Father of Jesus, the God of the Lord, our Lord's God. In the doctrine of the Trinity, the one Lord is equivalent to the one God. But in the Bible, our one Lord is someone else who has a God, the God of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have never been able to find a single mention of a three-person God anywhere in the Scriptures even though the one true God is the main character of the Bible and mentioned thousands of times. And I have also realized that Trinitarians have fostered a very disingenuous tradition of imagining this three-person-being into the Scriptures wherever they like by an act of their own will and for their own good pleasure. They must imagine their God into the Bible since this God is never mentioned in the Bible. I have never found a valid reason to believe in the existence of a three-person God. I have never been able to find a valid reason to believe that the one and only true God is anyone else but Jesus Christ's Father who alone is our Lords's God. I have never been able to find a valid reason to believe that the Holy Spirit is a separate third person in addition to the Father and the Son. Indeed, to my own surprise, I have never been able to find a solid reason to believe the Scriptures ever identify Jesus as God despite my previous belief that we Trinitarians had piles of evidence to demonstrate Jesus is God. But our Trinitarian mindset was nothing more than a collection of wishful thinking and illusions. I also have not been able to find any valid reason to believe Jesus was a pre-existent divine being, or person, who descended into the womb of Mary. On the other hand, I have found many factual reasons to believe that the Father of Jesus, the Father only, is the Creator, the One God of Israel, the God of Jesus and his disciples. I have found many reasons to believe the Holy Spirit is not a separate third person, but the divine nature, power, and personal presence of God Himself. And I have found many reasons to believe that Jesus of Nazareth was identified only as the human son of the only true God and he came into self-conscious existence in this time and space of creation when he was conceived in the womb of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have also found that Trinitarians do not understand that the Heading up of all things in the risen Christ was God's eternal purpose when He created all things and in this way this human being Jesus was a reality before creation, God having been finished all his works from the foundation of the world, and that the human being Jesus was an existent reality in the bosom of God before the world was because God Himself is where reality begins. The Lamb had been slain from the foundation of the world. I have also found that many important truths are completely non-existent in Trinitarian theology and I have found that other truths are simply not disclosed to the masses because they conflict with the Trinity. I have also discovered how Trinitarians have corrupted the Scriptures by many varied means. I have further found that the Trinitarian reasoning process, their philosophical reasoning process, is completely fallacious and falls apart upon honest and careful scrutiny, a house built upon the sand, a flimsy house of cards. In short, I discovered that Trinitarians do not have any valid evidence at all. They simply choose to confirm themselves, men approving of themselves for embracing their own man-made traditions, and none seeking the approval of God. And I have discovered the Scriptures present us with a completely different picture of the identity of the one God and His Son Jesus than the doctrine of the Trinity portrays.

I have also found that understanding the Scriptures is no longer a muddled confusing affair as it is for the Trinitarian mind. The simplicity of the truth is very easy to understand and clear when it is not read through eyes accustomed to gazing upon the Trinitarian idol. This is something Trinitarians often do not comprehend. Since they are so accustomed to believing that their confused theological system is the truth, they presume the nature of truth is a tangled mess of complexities which require on-going justification and maintenance. And so Seminary libraries are filled with book after book after book attempting to explain the confusion and justify the Trinity. I also have never come across any difficulties or contradictions to my beliefs in the Scriptures and I can always express what I now believe with absolute confidence. It never fails me simply because it is the truth. There is no need for the common excuse-making routinely required in Trinitarianism. Even further, I have come to see how this doctrine dishonors Jesus in serveral ways. For example, it dishonors him by implying that the way to interpret the Shema is to recognize a three-person-God even though Jesus, a Jew under the Law, obviously interpreted the Shema to refer to one person since he observed the Shema by serving one person and not three. Furthermore, the Shema says, "Hear O Israel, the Lord OUR God, the Lord is one." Jesus was required to recognize and obey Israel's God and he did this by recognizing only one person, the Father alone. The Trinity doctrine also dishonors him by slighting what this man accomplished for us since nothing he did is difficult for God. In other words, his humanity was no more than incidental baggage and every good thing he did is ascribed to the "divine nature" of Trinitarian doctrine. But the Bible tells us Jesus "overcame" and he "learned obedience from what he suffered." I also came to see how this doctrine is intended to rob the children of their victory in Christ by blinding them from their identity as begotten children of God, from the riches of their inheritance, and from seeing clearly that they are expected to walk, and can walk, just as Jesus walked. And although I have looked long and hard to find any and every criticism to my findings, and although I have discussed this matter with hundreds of Trinitarians who enjoy challenging my own findings, I have never been able to find anything whatsoever which presents a problem for my present beliefs. Truly, Jesus came that we might have understanding and know the true God - his Father. He revealed no one else as his God or our God.

I have further found some very troubling things. I have found that informed Trinitarianism promotes a culture of personal dishonesty. When it comes to the doctrine of the Trinity, the truth is expendable for the sake of promoting this doctrine. While this fact will of course be denied, it is easily observable by anyone. Defending the doctrine takes priority over the actual truth. Certain myths, outright lies are perpetuated as for example the meaning of the word echad or the word proskyneo or the word kyrios or the word monogenes. Any of these are easily proven to be false. Highly questionable and suspicious manuscript evidence is brought forward without disclosing the facts to ordinary people who are unaware of those facts. Translations which are demonstrably absurd are insisted upon and again all the facts are intentionally not disclosed. And the Scriptures are intentionally interpreted to promote Trinitarian doctrine without regard for the contextual facts. Even further, Trinitarians variously identify God as they choose. When a passage of Scripture is in view and Trinitarians would like "God" to be only the Father then it is simply declared to be so by an act of their own will. When a passage of Scripture is in view and Trinitarians would like "God" to be "the Triune God," then it is simply declared to be so by an act of their own will. The only true God is whoever the Trinitarian would like Him to be for the occasion at hand. Trinitarians routinely engage in eisegesis out of one side of their mouth while falsely accusing others of the same out of the other side. I observed on many, many, many occasions that Trinitarians will shamelessly resort to the most absurd and disingenuous claims if they think it will serve their doctrine. I found rampant hypocrisy among those who promote this doctrine, both by academics, and some of the laypeople who follow them. And like the Pharisees, they are quite blind to their own hypocrisy and will continue to deny it even when it is clearly demonstrated to them. Of course, most Trinitarians will respond true to form and all these things will be disingenuously denied by those who do them. You don't need to take my word for it. Just watch and carefully observe what really occurs in the world of Trinitarianism, especially Trinitarian apologetics and you will see for yourself. You will know them by their fruits.

I have found much, much more. But you the reader do not have time to read on and on for the next several hours. Concerning the doctrine of the Trinity, I have found nothing but a tangled web of lies, lie built upon lie. Concerning the Scriptures and the truth of God's identity and Jesus' identity, I have also found many truths that were never mentioned to me in the world of Trinitarianism. For brevity's sake, we cannot wade into all the details of these falsehoods or the details of the actual truth on this single page, or you would be reading this page for hours upon hours. That is why the rest of this website is here.

I do not expect you, the reader, to blindly accept what I have stated here on this page or on this website. Indeed, it would be very unwise of you to blindly accept anything someone says. I can only encouarge you to take a cautious look into this matter because if you don't look, you cannot find. There are many who do not wish to see, many who will hold their hands over their eyes lest they might actually see and discover the truth. It just might make them accountable to the truth and to personal honesty. That is an approach you do not want to take since it is just a deluded self-serving way to avoid discovering anything which one does not personally desire. Truth is no respector of persons. Truth does not care what you want to be true. If you truly want the truth, you need to be prepared to accept it.

There are also many whose God is a doctrine and whose Jesus is a doctrine. They testify against themselves when they insist that those who do not accept their doctrine about Jesus but have another doctrine about Jesus do therefore have "another Jesus." But doctrines of Jesus are not the true Jesus; they are only pictures of Jesus. The true Jesus is not a doctrine about Jesus; the true Jesus is a living person who sits at the right hand of God and the Spirit of God's son dwells within the hearts of true followers of Jesus. The Spirit of Jesus resides in the true believers and Jesus promises us that the Spirit of Truth will guide us into all truth. There are many men who insist they will guide you into all truth and they call you to follow them. Do not trust such men nor follow them. Trust Jesus and follow him. He is the Father's Word of Truth and lives within those who love him, the Good Shepherd who guides his sheep. His sheep hear his voice.

On this website, there are many links which illustrate what I have found and they are here for your consideration. Some of these pages demonstrate how Trinitarians have appealed to highly questionable and suspicious manuscript evidence. Some pages illustrate now Trinitarians appeal to translations of demonstrable absurdity. Some pages illustrate how Trinitarians intentionally misinterpret numerous Scriptures in a variety of ways for the sole sake of promoting their creedal tradition. Other pages illustrate how Trinitarians have attempted to nullify the Scriptures for the sake of their Trinitarian tradition. Other pages demonstrate that Trinitarian reasoning bears all the marks of a true fallacy, something which is made to sound or appear correct but is actually a complete farce. Other pages yet illustrate how the Scriptures do indeed exlusively identify the Father alone as the only true God. I also have much more work to do, and the Lord willing, there will be much more to come on this website. Please note that any given page may not be entirely up to date with respect to my most recent findings. I don't always have the time.

Because I have uncovered a mountain of lies, because I have found another mountain of facts, because I have discovered the beautifully sublime truth, I have found it necessary to reject the doctrine of the Trinity without any hestitation whatsoever. Having found the truth, I only had two options. I could turn away to self-serving personal dishonesty and back to the denial of self deception by ignoring the facts for the sake of a creedal tradition. Or, I could simply accept the truth. As a Christian, how could I possibly consider anything but the truth? And the truth was that the only true God is the Father and the Father alone and His Son is the human being Jesus, who came into self-conscious existence in Bethlehem of Judea, a human who was a reality before creation in the bosom of his Father, and a human being who is God's Prophet, God's Apostle, God's Christ, God's Messiah, God's Anointed One, God's salvation, God's savior, the son of David, a human being now risen into glory and given the authority to rule over all heaven and earth including even the angels, a human being who rose from the dead and is bodily enclothed in the Holy Spirit of the Living God. Indeed, the full reality and substance of the truth is a person not a doctrine, the Word of God, Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God, who is quite literally the meaning of everything. The three-person-God is a man-made idol, an object to be abandoned for the sake of following Jesus.

I had believed in the doctrine of the Trinity for most of my life. But I decided to look and now that I have looked, I have found, and now that I have found, I am accountable to the truth. I have looked and I have found. I have found where wolves in sheep's clothing have planted deceptions, illusions to lead you and me astray. And I have found the truth instead of the lies. If you seek, you too will find. I am a servant of Jesus who teaches me to love others and lay down my life for others. You do not need to be deceived by the lies that Jesus and his apostles warned us about. And so I offer you what I have found to weigh out for yourself and to consider concerning the Scriptures. Please look so that you too may find. Many others are also now discovering the truth. And they are discovering that they have been taught a very big lie. Christians are people of the truth not slaves of man-made traditions. If you don't look you won't find. If you don't entertain the possibility that you may have been deceived, there is no possible way for you to ever discover if you were deceived. Jesus said, "Seek and you will find." Jesus did not say others would find it for you. And if you don't seek, you won't find. You do not need to listen to me but you most certainly do need to listen to the facts. Make sure you know how to distinguish the difference between facts and fables.

There are many who choose to receive the approval of men rather than the approval of God and so they position themselves for the approval of men. They would rather be what men want them to be rather than be what God wants them to be. And beginning with this corruption of the heart, such people will never consider the actual truth because they fear they might then receive disapproval from men which is far more important to them than the approval of God. And in the end, they reject the truth of God for the sake of receiving the approval of men. Do not fall prey to the manipulations of men nor regard what they think of you. None of them will be your judge on that Day. None of their approvals of you will matter. Be true to yourself and to God, seeking the truth and the approval of God with all your heart. That's what Jesus did and that's what he taught us to do and we are called to follow in his footsteps. Do not fear men who try to manipulate you with their deceitful assurances of all the comforts of peer acceptance, thereby pressuring you with their subtle threats of rejection. Fear God who calls you to follow only his son. Those who try to instill such fears in you are not of God and they do not know Jesus or his Father. The beginning of wisdom is not the fear of men but the fear of God.

Jesus said "I am the way, the Truth, and the life." He taught his disciples that the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Jesus, in his sheep would guide them into all truth. Many make the mistake of following earthly men and their creedal traditions, the blind leading the blind. But if you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to the truth, you will never be disappointed. You do not need to follow me and you should not follow me. I am only a servant who can tell you who to follow, our Lord Jesus Christ, and I can only be a witness to help you get pointed in the right direction. I do not need to persuade you to accept what I believe because I know that if you care to actually look yourself then you will find the very same thing I found: the truth. I can only testify to you that people have been taught a very great lie and that the truth is there to be found. The Spirit of Truth guides us all into all truth.

Be true to yourself so that you will be able to be true to God. May the blessings of the God of our Lord be with you.

- Brother Kel, servant of Jesus

Created: August 22, 2012
Last Updated: July 28, 2015