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The Trinity Delusion An exposť of the doctrine of the Trinity

About The Trinity Delusion


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Note to the Reader

The articles on this website are not Watchtower, Arian, Oneness or Modalist. You won't be doing yourself a favor by attempting to describe my beliefs with labels like these or any other.

I do not ascribe to any particular denominational banner or belief system label. People serve those things and no one can have two masters. We should serve the Lord Jesus Christ not the creeds of men.


This website was created by a former believer in the doctrine of the Trinity. The doctrine of the Trinity had been an unquestioned central belief of mine since my childhood until about 2002-2003. I am writing these words in my 52nd year of life (2011). I now believe the Scriptures clearly show us that the Father alone is the one and only true God and there isn't a single reason to believe in the existence of a three-person-God. As such, the Trinity is an invention of men designed to serve their philosophical needs rather than an honest quest for truth. I had once defended Trinitarian doctrine with zealous fervor because I had been taught that the Scriptural evidence indicated this doctrine was most certainly true. I had also been deceived into thinking it was necessary for me to believe this doctrine to be a Christian. But I checked my "evidence" more closely, and having spent much time researching and examining this matter, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this doctrine is demonstrably false. My present convictions are far stronger than my past conviction as a believer in the doctrine of the Trinity. Quite honestly, it is a wonder to me how I, or anyone else, could have ever believed this doctrine. But such is the nature of deception.

I believe it was sometime around the autumn of 2001 when I first investigated our own Trinitarian claims concerning several verses of Scripture just to see how our evidence would stand up under scrutiny. At first, I really did not think I would find this doctrine to be false. I just thought it was possible that I might find our doctrine might need some minor adjustments or some polishing here and there. But I immediately began to see that our claims were not as solid as we Trinitarians liked to believe. Rather, our claims were really quite feeble when the facts were reasonably and honestly appreciated. So rather than spending all my time looking for reasons to justify the doctrine of the Trinity, as Trinitarians typically do, I decided to inquire further and instead ask myself whether our claims were honest attempts at seeking the truth or whether they were a misguided attempt to promote a mistaken teaching. And I began to also ask myself if there were other good reasons why I should not believe this doctrine. Over the next few months, I discovered our claims were not reasonable or honest at all and my inquiry into my own doctrine led to several years of personal research. I found all our evidence to be nothing but cleverly contrived interpretations, cherry-picked manuscript variants, obviously biased and unlikely translations, and disingenuous philosophical rationalizations and fallacies, all expressly designed to suit the doctrine of the Trinity. Our interpretations, translations, manuscript preferences, and theological justifications, were simply a product of a prejudiced modus operandi expressly crafted to suit the Trinitarian agenda. It was a poster child for Confirmation Bias. I also found mountains of historical and Scriptural evidence which clearly showed that I should not believe this doctrine but something else altogether. I couldn't find a single reason in the Scriptures to think I should believe in the existence of a three-person-God since all the reasons set forth by Trinitarians to defend and promote this doctrine turned out to be nothing but self-serving wishful thinking. And the world of Trinitarianism turned out to be nothing more than a self-reaffirmation mutual admiration society, men seeking approval from men for promoting a false teaching.

I also discovered something I didn't expect. I began to realize that such lies exists because most people really don't care about the truth very much (no matter what topic you might be discussing). They don't care about facts unless those facts happen to be pleasing to their personal agenda. Instead of serving the truth, they are deluded into thinking truth can serve them as if truth can be reformed to serve them as needed. I am actually quite shocked to discover the extent of this insanity among the human population.

Why this Website was Created

About the beginning of 2003, I do not remember precisely when, I decided to create this website as a way to compile and organize my own personal research by giving it a framework. The articles on this site are intended to more or less reflect and share my own personal research. But please do not assume that my research was/is limited to what you see on this site since the articles appearing here on this website represent only a small snapshot of my overall research. I have also tried to distill my findings into concise/brief articles suitable for this website.

The number of articles which you currently see on this site is nowhere near what I would like to accomplish. This website is a work in progress. There are many other articles and data sets which need to be added to this site to cover all the bases. It consumes much time and I just haven't had the time to get around to everything yet. I have attempted to prioritize and create articles/pages which are most significant to Trinitarians. Other articles/pages are being added when I find the time to make them. As of 2017, I estimate I am only about 75% of the way to completion, the Lord willing. I also have much more to add to some of the already existing articles on this site. I work on this website, among many other things, in my spare time. Due to time constraints, progress tends to be much slower than I would prefer. I hope you will find the information on this site useful.

Note: While website pages are updated or modified from time to time, many of the articles which appeared on this site at the end of 2010 were created between 2003 and 2006 with a few between 2006 and 2011. These articles do not have a "Created" date entered at the bottom of the page. The newer articles created after January 2011 will normally have a "Created" date entered at the bottom.

Some Advice

If you are a Trinitarian, and you insist upon always looking through the lens of Trinitarian spectacles, it will take you much longer to comprehend what is being described on this site since you will be interpreting everything through your Trinitarian mindset filter. If that is what you want to see then I cannot be helpful to you. You can't install Ford engine parts in a Chevy. If you truly wish to understand how the information on this site fits together, take off the Trinitarian glasses and it will be much easier for you to understand what is being presented and how it all fits together quite perfectly.

The truth is not what we decide we would like it to be. The truth does not respect our personal desires; it is no respecter persons. The truth doesn't care how much you want two plus two equal three. To have the truth, we must be willing to find it and accept it. We cannot create the truth nor can we make something into the truth simply by attaching the label "truth" to it by an act of our own will. Acceptance of truth requires the personal maturity to recognize that we all must serve it because it will not serve us and our changing minds. In the Bible, we see Jesus and his Apostles warning us to beware of false teachers who will deceive us. If we refuse to entertain the possibility that we may have been deceived by a false teacher, we have entered the gates of utter folly and destruction. It is complete stupidity to refuse to entertain the possibility that we may have been deceived since to do so means there is no opportunity whatsoever to ever discover that we have in fact been deceived.

Pre-requisite for Truth: Humble Honesty

There are only two ways of being a Trinity believer: (1) ignorance of Scriptural facts, and/or (2) dishonesty regarding the facts. If you are aware of the facts, it is impossible to be honest with yourself as a Trinitarian. As a former Trinitarian, I personally had to pause the Trinitarian apologetic method in order to genuinely and honestly examine this doctrine with integrity. Personal humility and integrity cannot be companions of theological prejudice or truth will never be found; personal humility and genuine integrity are prerequisites for finding the truth. In these times, one does not encounter many people who are without self-serving theological prejudice. In fact, most are taught to be prejudicial toward their beliefs and that fosters people to resort to the dishonest practice of Confirmation Bias. To seek and find truth we must seek to discover it without prejudice, without one eye on our favorite doctrine, otherwise we will never accept the truth when we encounter it. I now fervently believe that Trinitarian theologians and apologists, especially the academics, are self deceived men who, having first deceived themselves, do then justify for themselves the practice of deceiving of others in the same manner, and engaging in this rampant hypocrisy, have fashioned themselves after character of the Pharisees who refuse to entertain the possibility that they indeed do such things. In other words, they believe their own lies and liars have difficulty seeing the depths of their own darkness.

I also now see how this doctrine dishonors God, how this doctrine dishonors his son, and how extremely harmful this doctrine is to the Christian walk, a devilish lie which blinds and robs people of their identity and victory in Jesus. Indeed, the doctrine of the Trinity tutors people to be disingenuous and deceptive people for the sake of this idol.

True believers walk in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. The Spirit of Truth guides us into all truth. The Spirit of Truth does not teach us to spin doctor rationalizations for a doctrine since that is a dishonest practice. Understand that there are few who truly desire to be led by the Spirit of God rather than the inventions of men.

The only God is our Lord's God, Jesus Christ's God, the Living God, the Father alone.


You may cut and paste articles for your personal use. I see no reason to claim copyright for a truth I did not create either for the sake of monetary gain, personal recognition or approval of men. In the Bible, we see that Jesus and his disciples only gave without expecting anything in return. Neither did Paul copyright his letters for personal monetary gain and I cannot image that he would have been agreeable with such an idea. I only ask that you use the information in a fair, truthful, and just manner and that you do not use any of the information for a selfish purpose such as monetary gain. My motivation is not for personal recognition or to be "credited" with anything. My sole purpose here is to provide you with information so that you can make informed decisions. I don't want you to be deceived but to know the truth.

Intended Audience

The articles on this site are mainly directed toward informed Trinitarian theologians and apologists, or those who wish to be informed, whether they are vocational theologians and apologists or whether they are everday laypeople. While uninformed or laissez-faire "Trinitarians" will find much useful information on these pages, they are not the intended audience. In other words, some of the more austere sounding points I might direct toward "Trinitarians" are not necessarily directed toward you just because you have been taught to believe in the Trinity. I find it very disturbing that academic scholars, theologians, and apologists, know certain facts concerning this issue and do not disclose them honestly to everyday people.

Additionally, those who are not Trinitarians but wear some other label, and who engage in discussions with Trinitarians, should find some of the information on this site useful in some way.

Writing Style

I have attempted to make the information on this website understandable to everyday people and simply get a point across. I am not attempting to create documents in the style of a term paper, a Master's thesis, or a dissertation. Wherever possible, I have intentionally avoided using technical terminology or jargon used by scholars and theologians which is normally unfamiliar to everday people. At times I have tried to take complicated matters and explain them in a simplified way which might not always be precisely how scholars and theologians would state the same but it nevertheless gets the same point across to those who do not want to, or need to, spend endless hours wading through these confusing intricacies and technicalities. And where there is a choice between the language of Scripture and the language of modern academics, I have generally opted for the former.

Ancient Languages

Although I have a working knowledge of Koine Greek, and understand the nature and basics of this language, I certainly do not claim to be an expert or authority of any kind in the Hebrew or Greek languages. To be a true expert on such matters takes years of study and research and there are not many men who are true experts in these languages. In other words, I do not rely on my own opinions concerning Hebrew or Greek grammar except perhaps in very rare occasions when I perceive biased opinions concerning the grammar have been thrown into the mix and I am forced to make a decision. I have relied almost solely on the opinions of Trinitarian Greek scholars, and where they have disagreed among one another, as they often do, my only recourse has been to weigh out their respective opinions and come to my own conclusions. With respect to the Hebrew, I have again relied mostly on the opinions of Trinitarian Hebrew scholars but sometimes have consulted the opinions of Jewish scholars.

I have also found that a very disturbing problem exists among certain "experts" in these languages where many of them cannot resist the temptation of adding their own theological preferences and prejudices to their comments concerning the grammatical facts. Many of these men confuse the issue for others by injecting their favorite theological opinions or arguments into their discussions of the nature of the Hebrew or Greek grammar. In these cases, I have found it necessary to separate the grammatical facts from theological opinion concerning the details of the original languages. I have only been interested in the raw facts with respect to the nature of the Hebrew and Greek grammar when consulting the original languages and not the preferred theological opinions of these scholars.

Early Christian Writings

With respect to translations of the "early church fathers," I have normally used the Catholic New Advent website simply because I find it quick and easy to use. In a few special cases, I have consulted other translations of these early writers if I am suspicious that something may have been intentionally worded or translated in a certain way as to obfuscate the writer's true intent. I also do not presently have access to all the original language versions of these early Christian writers and have relied almost solely on English translations except in a few isolated instances where inquiry into the original languages seemed absolutely necessary. I hope to find time in the future to explore the original languages of selected early Christian quotations. There is little doubt in my mind that such a venture will also be very enlightening.


If you have any factual information which is pertinent to the question at hand, and you would like to offer this information, please do not hesitate. The main things which you could contribute would be quotations from early Christians, or modern scholars, factual data concerning Greek or Hebrew grammar, factual translation data, and the like.

Do not offer monetary donations or the like. They will be rejected.

Acknowledgement List

Nearly all of my research is a result of my own personal findings derived from an examinination of the raw data (primary sources) quite apart from the use of theological commentaries or the opinions of others or by gathering and compiling information from others (with the obvious exception of the authors of Scripture and the writings of early Christians). In other words, I have not researched by reading many theological books and commentaries and similar things. Rather, I have come to my conclusions almost exclusively by interpreting the original text of the Bible and the writings of the earliest Christians to see how they interpreted those Scriptures. I do this because I do not like to cloud my mind with preconceptions gathered from others and this method works very well for me. I try to avoid consulting any commentaries or other theological opinions until I have finished my own research and have come to my own conclusions. At that point in my own research, such things are useful as a way to critique my own findings.

However, this is the internet, I don't live in a bubble, and so from time to time I have come across miscellaneous information from others which I found to be useful and significant. In addition to my own research method, I have then and thereafter researched the opinions of Trinitarian scholars and apologists as a comparative tool and self criticism method and some of their information has proven useful in various ways. Scholarly research has been mostly useful to me with respect to the raw facts concerning the Hebrew and Greek grammar of a dozen or so verses of the Bible.

The following is an incomplete list of people/resources who have contributed bits of information in some way to my research.

  • New Advent (Catholic website): Excellent and easy to use resource for early Christian writings.
  • Anthony Buzzard - miscellaneous facts and information which I have come across.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses - some collections of scholarly quotations (mostly quotations from Trinitarian Hebrew/Greek scholars concerning translation issues).
  • - miscellaneous information.
  • Robert Bowman (Trinitarian Apologist) - misc. apologetic information from a Trinitarian perspective. Also, his Trinity Outline and his document "Sharp's Rule and Antitrinitarian Theologies."
  • William M. Watchel (unknown) - information regarding the word morphe at Philippians 2:6.
  • Daniel Wallace (Trinitarian Greek expert) - Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics, important information regarding Colwell's Rule as it relates to John 1:1, his document "Sharp Redivivus" A Reexamination of the Granville Sharp Rule, his document "Greek Grammar and the Personality of the Holy Spirit," and misc. other writings.
  • Trinitarian Scholars - miscellaneous information from various scholars concerning the original language grammar or manuscript variant details of certain verses.
  • Messiah Truth Project (Jewish) - important information regarding the intent of names in Isaiah and the details of the Hebrew text at Zechariah 12:10.
  • Berend de Boer (Trinitarian) - good information concerning the history of KJV version of 1 Timothy 3:16 in the early church.
  • Nehemia Gordon (unknown) - excellent website article on the word "Elohim."
  • Richard Rubenstein - some historical facts in his book on the Nicean-Arian controversy, "When Jesus became God" which confirmed my own research and conclusions and added a few more insights and facts.
  • Charles Freeman - historical facts in his book "A.D. 381" which substantially added to my own historical research.
  • Articuli Fidei, ?David Waltz? (unknown) - good listing of theosis quotations from the early Christians.

I first made this list on March 4, 2011 and I apologize if I am somehow missed you along the way. The contributions listed above are not a reflection of my agreement or disagreement with anyone. What I have listed here is research or contributions by others which I believe to be substantial and signficant in some respect to the question at hand. I have listed some Trinitarians above since their work has proven signficant to my own research, in one way or another, and especially concerning my own self criticism. Please also click on Links on the main page.

Thank You List

  • My Teacher and Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • My family members who have borne much patience.
  • My friend Martin, a brother and fellow sojourner.
  • Fellow travelers along the road that leads to life.

    My Truth is Jesus

    I try not to adopt and wear any labels or fly any banner but "Christ" since to do so means I have defined myself according to a creedal label or belief system and to define myself in such a way would mean that my beliefs are thereafter and henceforth fixed and I can no longer change as I learn nor can I any longer walk down the road of learning. If you serve creeds you can't serve Christ since no one can have two masters. I believe that to adopt such creeds and named belief systems is arrogant and prideful. We are to conform to the name of the Lord not the name of our church building down the street. To be a disciple of Jesus means we are humble "learners"; we are disciples. Unless men are hunting us down to kill us for the sake of his name, we are not finished learning from Jesus. We are disciples until the day we die. We must be ever learning from him and that means we are ever changing and conforming to Christ as we learn and grow with him so that we might be transformed into his image from glory unto glory. We will also never intellectually know and understand everything there is to know. We only see in part as in the pale and distorted reflection of a bronze mirror.

    Those who are "Oneness" or Modalists will find that I do not agree with their beliefs. Those who espouse Arian theology will find that I do not agree with their beliefs. Those who are Biblical Unitarians or Christadelphians or Socinians will find common points of agreement with my beliefs but they will also find significant differences. If you just can't stand it that I don't put a label on my own current beliefs, or that I have not shopped around to adopt a pre-packaged belief system, that is your problem, not mine. I already have and know my God and I do not need extra theological idols for insurance. And if any of us is not prepared to be alone in our beliefs, and we rather seek the confirmation, assurance and approval of other men, then we are admittedly unteachable by the Spirit of God and have not humbled ourselves to learn from our Teacher, Jesus Christ, the word of God the Father. Those who are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. Jesus died alone when everyone else fled and abandoned him. He only sought the approval of God. And he who was approved by God, Jesus, is the one who confirms us, not earthly men commending men or earthly men approving earthly men. We are to humble ourselves before God's Word of Truth. His name: Jesus. Any other Jesus is another Jesus. His sheep know his voice. He is the Father's Word of Truth and through Him we are taught by God our Father. Put no creedal idol between you and your Teacher. Unlike the Pharisees of Israel and the academics of Christendom who commend themselves and call you to follow them, our Teacher is amazing and he is the truth commended and approved by God Almighty. Do you know God's truth? Do you know him? Do you truly know him or give lip service to knowing him?

    My Only God is my Father

    My only God is Jesus Christ's God. My God is my Lord's God. My only God is my Father in heaven and only my Father. My God is He who begat me into a new life, the reality of the Kingdom of God. For this reason, God our Heavenly Father is truly my true Father. There was a man who was once begotten by an earthly father. But this man died and my Lord's God begat me again from above into new life, a new man, a new creation. The old man has died; he has died to the old creation; the new has come into existence, born into the new creation, the new heavens and earth, the Kingdom of God which is not of this world. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. Born from above, I am from above, and not below; I am no longer of this world but sent into the world by Jesus just as the Father sent my Lord Jesus. My Father is my one and only God and my one God is my Father. And his firstborn Son, he being my elder brother, is Jesus, who was the first man to have died and be born again from above by the Spirit of God, God having raised him out of the dead, Jesus begotten out of the dead, born out of the dead, the firstborn of many brothers. And because of this human being who was first begotten out of a virgin, my death with him to my old life washed all my sins away as white as snow, so that I, like Jesus who was begotten of virgin flesh, could also be spotless virgin flesh to be begotten of God by His Holy Spirit. Hosanna to the son of David, the man Jesus. And God in this way has made me, and is making me, a co-heir with his son Jesus, a partaker of the divine nature in the hope of the resurrection of the body to the glory of his God and Father and my God and my Father.

    Last Updated: October 19, 2017

    A Few of my Reasons for Abandoning the Trinity:

    Their land has also been filled with idols; they worship the work of their hands.
    Isaiah 2:8.