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Cult of Calvinism

The Many Warnings in Scripture

"I warned you before, that those who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God" (Galatians 5:21).

Why are there so many warnings to Christians in Scripture? If, as Calvinists claim, a Christian cannot fall short of salvation that Jesus brings when he comes in glory,1 then why do Jesus and the New Testament apostles waste so much time warning Christians they may indeed might not enter the kingdom of God if indeed they do not hold on to the faith and live a holy life?

Calvinists sometimes offer an amusing response. They will suggest that these warnings are God's way of making sure Christians persevere in the faith. Such ludicrous contrivances are the common way of Calvinism. One only needs to think for a very short time to realize the utter folly of such a claim. Since Calvinists claim that falling short of salvation on the last day is impossible, the Calvinist is actually suggesting that God is attempting to deceive people into action!

Think about it. If you came to a Calvinist and warned him that if he does not carefully guard the faith entrusted to him and persevere in his walk with Christ that he will fall short of salvation, what would his response be? His response would be that such a warning has no purpose because falling short of salvation is something which he says cannot happen. Thus, he places absolutely no value in these warnings inspired by God. Indeed, he himself will claim that such warnings are themselves deceptive since they would imply that falling short of salvation on the last day is a possibility which he himself denies! The implication he sets forth is that he promotes a deceiving God whose means justify his ends.

The only way you could warn a Christian that he needs to perserve in the faith in order to be saved when Jesus comes in glory, is if that Christian is not a Calvinist. If anyone were to warn a Calvinist with any of the warnings in the Bible, the Calvinist's first response would be that he does not need to heed such warnings because his salvation is secure and he does not need to worry about it! Hence, if the Calvinist doctrine were true, God would be deceiving people for no real purpose since God himself would know that these Christians could not fall short of salvation in the first place. Thus the Calvinist reveals the dishonesty that resides in his own heart by attributing it to God himself!

So the Calvinist must turn to another contrivance. He will claim that such warnings in Scripture are to non-Christians. We will prove that this is certainly not the case. Indeed, every letter from Romans to Revelation is written to Christians and for Christians. Just check the opening words of each letter. But let us for the sake of argument suppose that these warning were for non-Christians and see what happens. The Calvinist claims that non-Christians do not have the power to discern the truth of such a warning until they are born again. What value then is a warning to a non-Christian? None! Thus they not only nullify the word of God for the sake of their tradition, they must suppose that the apostles were unaware of Calvinistic beliefs to be warning non-Christians to do something they cannot possibly do according to Calvinism.

And this is the Calvinist's objective concerning such passages. Since these many passages of Scripture go directly against the Calvinist belief system, they must then be nullified for the sake of their tradition. And the Calvinist lays awake at night plotting, scheming, and contriving up ways to explain away these passages. He has no interest in the truth of the matter. His only interest is what he wants to believe. But as we shall see it is to no avail. The Bible warns Christians that if they do not hold fast the faith they will indeed fall short of salvation on the last day when Jesus comes in glory. If indeed, such a thing were impossible then such warnings are useless and null and God's word has no value and we would make God out to be a babbling fool.

But those who are true in heart know better. There is not point whatsoever in warning a non-Christian to hold fast the faith since he is not even in the faith. And in Calvinism, there it is even more ridiculous since they say that no non-born again person can even make a right judgment on such a matter. There is no point in warning a non-Christian that they must perserve in a holiness and righteousness of Christ until the last day since he is not even born again yet! Who in their right mind would exhort a non-Christian to persevere in a faith in which they are not yet even involved?

We shall see that the message of Scripture is clear. Christians are those people who God has saved to live a new life. And the Scriptures exhort these Christians to actually live out this new life in obedience to Christ lest they fall away and fall short of salvation on the last day. If indeed, it were not possible for Christians to not live out this life, these exhortations and warnings would have no value whatsoever. Then why are they there?

The articles which follow show clearly that these exhortations are to Christians and whether or not Christians will be saved on the last day when Jesus comes depends on the a condition: whether or not they hold on to the faith in the true holiness and righteousness in which God created them anew.

"He who stands firm to the end will be saved" (Matthew 24:13).


1. Matthew 24:13; 1 Thessalonians 5:1-9; Hebrews 9:28; 1 Peter 1:15, 10, 13.