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The Trinity Delusion An exposť of the doctrine of the Trinity

The Absurdity of the Trinity

The doctrine of the Trinity:

The absurdity which gullible minds do not see....

No Trinitarian can deny the above diagram is what he really believes without getting himself caught in his own contradictions. If this diagram confuses you, trealize that it should confuse you. Trinitarian doctrine is not designed to actually be sensible but to sound plausible. The above diagram illustrates what the doctrine really expresses. Like a man who tries to detect a how magician's illusion works, but is unable do so, most people are kept in just enough confusion that they are unable to detect how they are being tricked. Most people end up following their own confusion instead of seeing what is actually going on. When you fully comprehend what is going on here, then you are on your way to comprehending how Trinitarian doctrine is nothing more than a word trick crafted to dupe unsuspecting individuals into accepting the complete nonsense of an illogical farce.

Note: The Doctrine of the Trinity is even more absurd than illustrated on this page. The entire complex is also called "God" (i.e. the Triune being). The center circled "God" is not the Triune being but the divine nature. Additionally, the second circled "God" has two natures which is not shown on the Trinity shield.