daxter "izzy" canton --

little idealist.

a breath from tumbling into "adulthood," he was at the last edge of seventeen. an errand boy to carter jaimeson; a high-school drop-out with too many ideas running through his head, and too little time to sort them all out.

a drive to make himself something more than everyone else's something-or-other, he has opted to return to school; he has enrolled himself in an adult education program ... upon someone's encouragement.

maybe he only enrolled to tag along after someone; he is, after all, almost everyone's tag-along boy. or maybe he's decided to grow up ... at least, partially. growing up in full equates to dying in his book, and he plans to live forever.

izzy and a certain someone -- his someone -- johnny isaacson.

the warehouse


izzy canton = edward furlong;
johnny isaacson = alex band.
picture splicing done by moi.
i take no credit for the actual images themselves, nor is this fan fiction of any sort. meaning .. we are not playing eddie and alex. we are using their images to portray our characters, thx. also, the character of "johnny" is property of CW, and "izzy" belongs to moi, aych LK.