Hello there!  My name is Angela Niebruegge.  I reside in Troy, Illinois (IL).  
Most of my family still lives in the area still, so I'm pretty close to all of them. 

I'm currently working towards my MBA at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.  

These pics are from a few years ago. My, I look young.

My brother Shawn & I at the Coliseum in Roma

I think it must have been 110 degrees.

Here is another of the whole family in Europe a few years ago.  I look like such a dork.  :)  Stupid American tourists.  hahaha  Dad (Mel) looks like a trendy traveler; great picture of him.  He is President of a machinery company in St. Louis.  Mom (JoAnn) works as an auditor for the government and is based out of Texas.  Shawn is an adjunct professor at a community college and teaches photography and sometimes art history.

::where i used to work::

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