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  Space Travel Meeting links

 Eurosom 1, The first international Satellite Observers meeting 1994.

 Eurosom 2, the second BWGS organised Satellite Observers Meeting at Gent, October 19-20, 1996

 Eurosom 3 at Edinburgh, Scotland 24-25 October 1998.

 Trip to Moscou St.-Petersburg 2002

 Diverse Pictures Space Travel Meetings during flight of Frank De Winne-Odissea-Soyuz TMA1 October 30 2002

 Space Contact meeting at the Observatory Beisbroek Bruges Belgium February 1 2003...The day Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated...

 Odissea Cosmonauts at Ghent July 5 2003

Rocket Launch Campain Saint Hubert August 16 2003

 Belgian Space Travel Meeting Urania, Hove May 22 2004

 Belgian Space Travel meeting Urania, Hove May 28 2005

 Urania trip to French Guiana September 17-27 2006

 JWR trip to ESA European Astronaut Centre at Cologne, September 16 2007

 Urania Baikonur Trip to Soyuz TMA15 launch(Frank De Winne) May 25-30 2009


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