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Lead Me In Exile

One day it occurred to me that knowing how to handle the Saveedro situation would not be so easy irl. This prayer was my response.

Dear Lord please guide my steps this day
as I go forward on his puzzling way
striving to open the path ahead
Walking in Dear Friend Atrus' stead

I could not bear to let him down
Please aid my eyes and ease the frown
that wants to settle on my brow
For I do not know what to do now

paths curve, twist, and climb up slow
it is not clear which way to go
sometimes a way looks open and clear
but I find that there is no acccess here.

As I climb up tracks and slip on vines
I think in dread of a coming time

What shall I do when I reach him, Lord ?
I am your servant. I am dove, not sword.
Will the truth alone this conflict allay?
I cannot imagine that I should slay
another soul in grief, his mind aflame
with the pain of loss, yet I cannot name
the price of his life higher, more dear
than those that he has threatened here.

I am but a branch, You are the vine
without You I can do nothing, I find
I rely on Your strength to get me through
Please bless my mind to be settled on You
For that is how I shall find The Way that is true.
When the time comes I trust you to help me know what to do.

pictures by Susan McGaw

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Liquid Thoughts

A great sage is said to have sat before a stone wall, and when he got up he was enlightened. Well I dont claim my thoughts are great but I was watching the different kinds of water around here and got a poem out of it. Maybe you'll enjoy my ponderings :)

A powerful current bounces along
spraying its bank in high spirits & song
but now a sharp turning, a fork with bent tines
makes up its choices, and centers its mind
the whitening water churns on the rocks in the way
as if it wanted to stay there, to debate and delay
some water goes this way
some will go that
from the journey ahead
it will never come back

to vanish into main channels
is to turn sluggishly slow.
the bright sparkling energy
becomes dark undertow

to dart down as bright streamlets
to seek new courses in light
may bring flowers to deserts
or damp puffs to the night

Water dashes round rocks
spraying walls as it goes,
but until the way is chosen
it cannot freely flow


Myst-y Travels