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Aftermath: Achenar & Sirrus

I was fascinated by how Sirrus & Achenar might have gone wrong my first summer in the community. I theorized unti l he cows came home, then I started writing short vignettes

Its been awhile since I posted any of this. I cant remember anymore what I shared and didnt, so hopefully most of you will find something new to enjoy

I had an overall story in mind when I began it but my ideas about what was possible/likely kept changing. Eventually, I abandoned the project. The only finished bits are below. All else are notes & dreams. Maybe one day I will pick it up agehn.

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Part 1
It was over. Everything was over. Sirrus blinked stonefaced into the slit
window of Fortress. Haunting images reflected back to his tearing eyes in the
flowing waters. He still couldn't see the way ahead of him. Shrill screams
echoing distantly in his ears. She would have died quickly enough, if she had
died. The worst of it was there was no way to be sure. His wife, his son,
they were simply gone.

He winced as he remembered how he found his favorite child. He came upon
her pale still form quietly resting behind his throne in the fortress. Her
perfect little fingers reached out and up to him they had so often done in
life. But there would be no warm grasp upon his hand, those bright blue eyes
would never light up again at the sight of him. He had been ready to die
himself when he saw it. After burying her at sea, he froze in grief. He
fiddled with the chess set, wound her toy bird. hardly aware of what he did.

On his throne he had sat for hours staring blindly into the distance,
drinking and thinking. Thinking and drinking. Then ..... trying not to think.
At last he had stirred himself. If there was to be any hope it all, it
lay with Achenar. He still held influence over the hirsute ones. If they could find
the ones responsible, there might yet be a chance. She might be alive. He took several
of the bottles with him. They would help ease the pain. The drugs alone
couldn't do it.

Stumbling into his vault he noticed a note here stuffed among the wine
bottles. Achenar had been helping himself again no doubt. He would speak to
him about that... later. He staggered out again......

Part 2