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Message 34 - Feb. 4

Subject: Happy Valentines Day!!!

Just in case you happened to check the board, I wanted to leave a quick message. I don't know if you'll check it, so I definitely don't know when you do, so I'll just leave this now and you'll see it when you get the chance.

Happy Valentines!

I know you needed to part ways, but I'll always remember you fondly. The time apart has given the Lord the space to produce peace and forgiveness in my heart in unexpected ways. Meanwhile, I think I'll miss you for a long time. You meant a lot to me, and I wanted you to know that. I really miss giving you hugs and smelling your hair. I'll miss your beautiful smile and crystal clear eyes. I'll miss your dark chocolate skin, and I'll certainly miss kissing and holding it. I'll miss you. I wish I could understand what happened. We were doing so well, and then some decisions were made that I didn't understand or see coming.

I really hope all is well and you're growing strong. I know I weakened you in many ways, so I'm glad you found the strength to be healthy instead.

I never did find out the results to your medical check up, and I'm interested to know how you're doing if you ever care to share.

Maybe if I get accepted to UCSC I'll see you around.


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