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Fate's Circle

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Oi! I had it working, then, not thinking, entered a bad value in the java... and now I have to guess it! Oh well.. at least I know it plays. I spent so much time on this! If you have any problems with it, please e-mail me. Thanks
I got the MIDIs up, as well as a few MP3s! They're both in the MIDI section. It's very easy to find the ones you want! you can e-mail me with any new MIDI submitions.. cuz I don't have a MIDI player to make them... T_T
Oh yeah.. might wanna tell ya what the site's gonna be about, ya know? (shut up Raijin). This is going to be a site dedicated to Squall and Rinoa, and their destined romance in the game.

You might want to take note... various things one this site may contain spoilers. Don't worry, they'll be marked in some way.

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GIFs cute little animations for you to enjoy. I'd like to thanks sweet_Rinoa for the pics I used to make the animations of the fmvs.
MIDIs MIDIs. Short, repetative electronic music from the game that I can't take credit for making. Enjoy

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The SeeD Who Loved Me sweet_Rinoa's site, check it out!

Random piece of information that nobody probably cares about, but I'm going to say anyways (and potential spoiler): I finally beat Ultima Weapon! (How to Beat Ultima Weapon). Um... I don't know if this is in the Japanese version (I have the American version), "devour" is censored... all you see is the character charging at the enemy, then a CG screen of the ocean, a field, or some flowers, while you hear gutty, bloody noises, and the message "Censored - please wait..." runs across the top of the screen... I wanna see Zell trying to fit a hexadragon in his mouth... T_T oh well... I can probably find the animation on the net... >=P