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   J    u    l    y       E    v    e    n    t    s    
   Hunger Banquet
   S.4 Post-Examination Activities
   M    a    y       E    v    e    n    t    s    
   Swimming Gala (24 May 2002)
   Visit to the Police Tactical Unit (18 May 2002)
   RC Week 2002 (13-17 May 2002)
        Come Together
        Video Game Competition & Football Shooting Competition
        Tug of War
        3I's Competition
        Vest Design Competition
   A    p    r    i    l            E    v    e    n    t    s    
   Old Book Sale (15-19 April 2002)
   Congress (17 April 2002)
   Leadership Training Camp (2-4 April 2002)
   M    a    r    c    h         E    v    e    n    t    
   Dancing Course (8 March 2002)
   F   e    b    r    a     r    y        E    v    e    n    t    s    
   S.5 Oral Practice (23 Febrary 2002)
   HKCEE Talk (17 Febrary 2002)
   Rocky Serenade (8 Febrary 2002)
   P.6 Orientation (6 Febrary 2002)
   J   a    n    u    a     r    y        E    v    e    n    t    s    
   Campus TV (28-31 January 2002)
   Catholic Diocesan Secondary Schools 15th Joint Athletics Meet (23,24 January 2002)
   D   e    c    e    m     b    e    r        E    v    e    n    t    s    
   Christmas Ball "Reserve Every Dream" (23 December 2001)
   Christmas Card Sale (10-21 December 2001)
   N   o    v    e     m    b    e    r        E    v    e    n    t    s    
   Speech Day (29 November 2001)
   Campus TV (26 November 2001)
   Recycling Bins (10 November 2001 onwards)
   O   c    t    o    b     e    r        E    v    e    n    t    s    
   Sports Meet (31 October - 1 November 2001)
   Social Service Week (24-29 October 2001)
   Dress Causal Day (24 October 2001)