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If you are interested in ancient mysteries, enigmatic codes, and bizzare alchemy texts, check out my theory on the Voynich Manuscript... the "most mysterious book in the world". 4/18/07

Some Models for Virtual Sailor & Micro Flight:

Philip Bolger's Superbrick was listed as a prototype in the 1992 Common Sense Design catalog. Basically, it's a 19' 6" sailing houseboat... and probably the only such concept put forth by any designer. But the idea makes sense in many ways... and you will think of more when you sail this boat in VS. Complete with Brick dinghy (when anchored)., 388 KB

AS-29: Also by Mr.Bolger, this boat has been built by many happy owners. I believe Phil originally conceived of it as a solo Atlantic racer. I understand it is very roomy, fast, and economical to build. I think it is a very beautiful boat, too.

My model has working nav lights, moving prop, sails, tiller and rudder. For use in Virtual Sailor, of course.

AS-29 zip file, 228 KB

Gee Bee R1 Designed by the Granville Brothers Aircraft Co, with Howell W. Miller as Chief Engineer. The plane was designed specifically for the Thompson Trophy Race at the 1932 Cleveland Air Races. The similar R2 was built for the Bendix Trophy race at Cleveland the same year.

On September 5th, 1932, the famous Jimmy Doolittle piloted the R1 to win the Thompson Trophy with an average 252.686 MPH.

Download gbr1.exe, 438K
The giant squid is meant to be part of the ongoing project scenery "Vulcania". Download the Nautilus from Virtual Sailor, and load the squid. Creepy.

 Download, 90KB.

Here is a special little craft for the Chum Bucket... a sailing bathtub. The Bathtub has a shower curtain sail, a toilet lid rudder, and even a bar of soap. Perfect for an online regatta. Keep the wind under 20, and the waves under 3 feet, though! Comes with deck.cfg.

Download, 130KB.

The Triton is loosely based on a real submarine built by US Subs. It is a very low poly (1320 faces) model, to make multiple on-line exploration a possibility. The Triton comes with a complete panel, including a working depth gauge.

Be sure to read the included readme for proper installation. Download, 74KB.

This file is based on the Australia model by Matthew Sebring. It has been optimised heavily, and when put in the folder of any Australia-based boat, will allow many online competitors without undue drag on resources. Only 2,600 faces. With instructions and explaination.

Download, 74KB.

The Chesapeake- My favorite scenery for VS. The area around Annapolis includes the Severn River, an authentically modeled classic area lighthouse, bridges, docks... and accurately placed bouys. By Keith Kile (, 1.6MB

(Boat pictured is Phil Bolger's AS-29, available above)

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