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The collimation sequence for the Nzx2201 unit is as follows:

85, 19, 3, 19, 08, 121, 2201 (key code), shin, lamed, star, 4, 83, eyestar, 7, 3208, 2201 (key code), close function. Unit will realign and then tuning can be repeated. Refer to Shin Lamed manual.

After collimation and tuning, the field is checked. I have found that the easiest method of checking is to insert and remove a 7.858" tube of #35, no more than 1.81" OD x .367" ID, end aligned with the reactor tip, tip & end equal distances from the housing surface (varies slightly due to factory adjustment). Note the milled reference zones around the ports on the housing surface. This is an easily-made reference charge transorber, and more compact & durable than the first and second generation factory units, which can be thrown off by transient conditions and rough handling in field work. Tune in the checker, place the charged tube in the witness, and watch field orientation and strength. Orientation should read something like 4147, 9003, 9123, 2647, and GMT, within a few points, for surface use around local lines. Correlate field strength with local readings from ambient field meter. These must match exactly.

This unit must not be used with the Shin Lamed individual field accelerator. Only use a 2220 for that. A 2201 will interface, but using it here is extremely dangerous, and can throw the aim way off. Use what is made for the job. Better yet, don't mess with the accelerator anyway, that's strictly for the techs. "Use only as directed", and all that.

2201's have given great results in sound and image insertion, field masking, and projection. Detection has been zero. It has even been suggested that those watching affected data (out of the loop) have not been aware of the process, or even of its effects. From available info, anomalies have been shrugged off as software and equipment glitches, artifacts, rfi, and the like. You can't ask for better results than that! Hats off to the Shin Lamed guys for a job well done.

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