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Two Interesting Boilers

Here are a couple of interesting boilers, in a few scrapbook scans from the 1903 edition of "Self-Propelled Vehicles" by J.E Homans. These are the Field boiler and the Rider boiler (I mentioned that in text so search engines can find it). Not quite what I have in mind for my "top-secret ultra-advanced" steam car boiler, but let us just say these boiler designs are interesting. I mentioned these to a friend recently, who did a websearch and couldn't find even the slightest mention of these types of boilers. So, instead of just emailing him the scans, I decided to paste them into a rudimentary webpage for the edification, inspiration, amusement, and amazement of one and all.

There is a LOT of information out there which is not on the internet, especially regarding steam power and steam automobiles. Never mind alchemy and the Kabbalah; if you seek obscure, arcane, and mysterious occult knowledge, try researching steam power!

(webpage created, 1-22-2007)

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