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Peoples Javascript Coding Army
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welcome to the peoples javascript coding army. this document is more than a simple manifesto. it is a message to the planet that the last surviving technological monopolies have finally been broken. it is an appeal for a deeper recognition of the value of the fundamentals of classical computer science on an internet dominated by media content. & it is a brief summary of directions to proceed & resources to be developed by the people of this world enfranchised as they are with their newfound programming power.

the background

over the last several decades the world has been substantially transformed digitally. these days everywhere you look everyone has some kind of sophisticated mobile device with until recently undreamed of internet connectivity. besides being robust content delivery gizmos, these phones, tablets, & netbooks are in fact *programmable*, although 30 years of windows & osx have made the laymans understanding of the fundamentals of computing -- interpreting, compiling, & executing code -- as vague as ever.

this situation arose in part because of the expense & complexity of traditional code development environments in an industry concurrently evolving its hardware & software technologies. but its also due to the perennial search for a decent (ultimately cross-platform) runtime. native linked x86/glibc gave way to higher level interpreters from visualbasic to java, but the programmers art remained a geeky specialty requiring inordinate devotion to a lifestyle or even a career.

the revolution

all that has suddenly changed.

specifically, at this writing a $70 android netbook can run a browser which supports modern javascript, a highly capable interpreted procedural language. but this same device also has wifi capability, putting it simultaneously in touch with the vastness of the internets technical documentation. a browser & a wifi hotspot essentially turns an inexpensive media computer into a laboratory for researching & mastering the intricacies of programming discipline. this is an unprecedented combination & is rapidly becoming available to humanity around the globe.

the challenge

far from suggesting individuals become professional javascript engineers, my purpose is rather to call attention to the fact that certain technical skillsets which have long been proven to be of value in commercial settings are now acquirable by anyone with a nominal amount of hardware investment & some online study. moreover, the traditional spoonfeeding institutions of academe & publishing have already been rendered obsolete & impotent by networked access to essentially universal information. the epistemology of chaos means we are all late for our own learning experience, the onus is on us, & there is already no limit to what each of us can accomplish for ourselves & for others.

we are programmers

comrades, i am here to declare that we are already victorious. from where i am positioned, rolling on the floor laughing, i can see the whole planet, the entire universe, the historical record, the unfolding cyberintelligence, & the depths of the documentation which explains how it all became available during my lifetime. there is nothing we can do to prevent the perpetual transformation from acquainting the generations with this fully programmable networked media technology. it is our collectivist destiny merely to remove obstacles placed before the blind & ensure the transition occurs peacefully & for the dignity & benefit of all the people.

the deployment

the peoples javascript coding army needs to begin programming the web & by extension the browser sessions of these ubiquitous devices to provide traces & links to already existing resources throughout the net. we neednt be in a hurry; we have nothing to prove, but ironically we are working with media computers & javaphones so we suddenly have enormous flexibility & power in creating software & content which can give hope & direction to this emerging worldwide mobile community. no more than a few minutes / hours per day tending to the affairs of the pjca can before we know it provide inestimable benefit to the wider ecosystems of free software development & the cosmos itself.

a final note

of course its not specifically about the javascript. its about discovering an aspect of familiar technology which is in fact a gateway to a vast yet possibly unfamiliar world of sound programming practice. indeed, on inexpensive intel computers loaded with free software there is little keeping one from teaching onesself market-grade skills in linux administration or languages such as html, css, c, java, bash, perl, python, & perhaps surprisingly even fortran & cobol. the peoples javascript coding army is simply one example of a 1337 organisation which exists to promote the continued development & application of these valuable skills outside of traditional corporatist spheres.

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