Welcome to Arthur's House

Hello Again. Here lies the vital stats for the Contact for November 2004's GOG Meeting. Namely Me.

So on to it-

The Address Proper:
1763 Angle Drive
Longwood, FL 32750-9604

adykeman@bellsouth.net, as seen all over this site
[This is the better, faster way to reach me]

Phone: 407.328.9565
[I usually screen messages thanks to telemarketer, certain relatives, and other lower life forms. More often than not you will get 'the machine'. Do not hesitate to use it. I do answer, esp to members. In the worst case scenario, give me within 48hrs and I will get me back to you asap]

The inside

Chairs and sundry can be rearranged a bit, but you get the idea. Don't have 5.1 Speakers, but at such close quarters, my stereo system is quite capable. Plenty of blinds, easy to darken when needed.

The Outside

You will notice stuff like the Nursery Playground off to your right. And would you believe, an actual white picket fence?. The red door by the end of that fence is of the entrance. And be nice to the neighbor cats.

A Map

Excuse the chicken scratches. Seriously, you should get the general gist. Angle Drive is a sort of cul de sac tucked behind the corner of 17-92 and 427. As you can see, you access is a SUNSET DRIVE, which swings between the two highways thru this corner affair. The vertical line you see connecting with the center of SUNSET's arc is PINEVIEW. Once on PINEVIEW you immediately see a brancing of to ANGLE DRIVE. And there 'tis.

And of course MAPQUEST is an excellent rescource if needed. Thank you for your indulgence and see you in November!

Thank you for your consideration.
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