Updated On 25 Nov 2008

I procrastinated in posting this up for months. It’s an original ficlet, snippet, I don’t Know what to call it. I wrote it for this LJ community called ‘Line by Line’, where every week they would give a one-line prompt and members will submit written works incorporating the prompt. Curious? Click here to check it out.  For that week, the prompt was ‘piece by piece’ and here was the result.


19 July 2008

My second update for the year 2008. No new fics, I’m afraid. Just taking the opportunity to clean up my site. I do have photos from the Cosfest Super Henshin VII, which was held in Downtown East, Singapore, beginning of July. They are all uploaded in my Flickr account (see Photo Gallery). Still feeling my way about Flickr. They have an absurd 100MB upload limit for free accounts. I’m not sure if I should wait until next month to upload the rest of the cosplay or just go ahead and become a Pro member.


29 January 2008

First entry of the new year and it is a rewrite. I call this category Reworx—for stories that I have meaning to rewrite for some time. I have a few in progress but ironically the first one to be up in this category is the last fanfiction I have written last year.

Introducing ‘Reworx: Winter’s Reminiscence’ - a Weiss Kreuz fanfiction Reworx. Hopefully it’s better than the first outing.