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HotBasic™ Compiler Reviews These quotations of software writers from emails and forum posts omit the author name.
"I love it. I was previously using RapidQ, then ... Win Power Basic, but after recently discovering your HOT creation, I am BASICally sizzling with joy!" 2/9/06

"My background in programming started years ago with GWBASIC, TurboBasic, PowerBasic, ASM, Pascal, Clipper, Visual Basic, RQbasic and now HotBasic. Compilers just keep getting better. Your HotBasic is the best I have used yet." 1/28/06

"HOTBASIC is still the best basic compiler around." 1/15/06

"Product is absolutely great - am loving it a LOT :-)." 12/22/05

"...I just recently learned of HotBASIC and was more than impressed... ...I had all but given up on programming on the PC... then I learned about HotBASIC, and checked it out... I looked at a lot of sample apps, and one in particular swayed me... CLAP (Audio player)... in only 26k it plays most common audio formats and has a similar apearance to Winamp... that was soo impressive to me that it has made me decide that HotBASIC is the language for me, and more than that it shows me that BASIC has grown up quite a bit! BRAVO, this is exactly what the PC world needs for us old coders who appreciate GOOD memory management, small footprint, and performance without having to sacrifice our sanity to write something useful." 12/16/05

"Thanks also for your constant updates to make HB better .. It does get better & better!" 10/4/05

"Yes, thanks for your diligence. I'm not accustomed to getting such a high level of support. You're doing an outstanding job." 10/2/05

"BASIC has certainly grown up since I started using it over 30 years ago. I had moved on to C/C++ and various scripting languages, but find that now I am often writing Windows utilities and 'quickies' in PowerBASIC, but your product looks more flexible and 'fun' and the use of objects is, I think, going to be useful." 9/1/05

"Your built-in assembler and Don's OpenGL development is really getting a lot of interest for everyone! Can't wait to see them roll out." 8/4/05

"Your tool is definitively GREAT!" 7/29/05

"What can I say, other than terrific!" 6/24/05

"I think your compiler beats all others. It's cool yet very powerful." 2/15/05

"HB seems to be growing to be a very serious alternative to all other well known programming languages." 1/1/05

"I have been following the HB-Yahoo group and have been enlightened and most certainly educated about your incredible compiler. There seems to be a wide assortment of very skilled folks with a high degree of unselfish assistance available. That said, I'm quite overwhelmed by the capabilities of Hotbasic." 9/20/04

"...I'm in charge of developement tools and critical applications... [HotBasic] syntax is great, features are interesting and promising for the future, it forces you to build code in a decent way, and it gives the feeling to be in control by the developer, like I experienced lurking and building a (very) few of code during the past months." 9/11/04

"I already have a good start in RapidQ but ran into big trouble when I tried to open a com port with it. I am getting tired of Upgrading the MS products (usually $600) each time MS VB changes." 9/6/04

"It's really getting Hot in here!!!" 8/25/04

"...judging from what I've seen so far - that HotBasic is a 'Must have'." 8/13/04

".OnMessage is an amazing power toy for HotBasic compiler." 6/26/04

"THANK YOU for creating HotBasic ... your compiler is the one that got me interested again in programming." 5/2/04

"I've been keeping tabs on your progress. I'm usually hesitant to buy into a new compiler until I see some development history, but from what I've already seen, I'm quite impressed!" 3/4/04

"After working with the HotBasic Penthouse version over the weekend, all I can say is: WOW!!!!!!!!! What an amazing job you've done - thank you thank you thank you!" 3/1/04

"The object-oriented environments like VB and C++ are much too complex - I think the proper term is "overkill". HotBasic makes much more sense to me - thanks for developing it, and keeping the price reasonable - I believe it's the perfect tool for me." 2/23/04

"Now programming is fun. That is what I call a great compiler, and it's just the beginning :-)" 2/22/04

"I enjoy it everyday to program with hotbasic. I tried almost every programming language, but hotbasic beats it because I can easily remember how to program it. That's because the structure is very clear." 2/10/04

"HotBasic is awesome. Looking forward to using the Penthouse version." 1/22/04

"The amount of support you put on this project is unbelievable, it's actually the first Windows compiler that got me interested in programming again." 1/7/04

"I think your HotBasic becomes really very HOT, nice little executable, fast compiling and fast execution." 11/17/03

"...hotbasic compiler seems to work on linux under wine. The outputted files also seem to work. This isn't ideal for linux apps (native is always better) but it's interesting" 11/11/03

"I translated a crude benchmark program that had been used by others in that forum to Hotbasic. That simple test indicated that Hotbasic is very fast compared to Visual Basic." 11/9/03

"Hotbasic is looking more capable to me every time I examine it. The math potential has me excited." 10/29/03

"HotBasic looks better in each new version." 10/28/03

"Just wanted to say your hotbasic is looking very excellent - speed and small..." 10/25/03

"I've noticed some talk in various RapidQ groups about HotBasic... ...the crowd is starting to gather..." 7/10/03

"...have not felt more excited about any other product being attempted until I noticed the work you have done on ... the HotBasic compiler." 6/27/03
Finally, a few words from the HotBasic crew

Director of Marketing
HotBabe: I am for real. I've got the power. I am pure. I am "++". I am very visual. I set you free with best executables."

Official SpokesAnimal
Maj. Hog: HotBasic is the only compiler with a non-human spokesman, um, I mean, spokespig.

Author of HotBasic
Jim: Who? Me? [pause] Greetings to all.
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