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HotBasic™ Compiler Registration. While evaluating the HotBasic Compiler, you may want to use it to create "best executables" for your source code. Registration extends usage of HotBasic beyond evaluation and enhances your program development options.

Licence Agreement
Thank you very much for trying HotBasic. Let's review our current agreement: You are free to use the HotBasic Compiler Trial version for evaluation, but written permission from the author is required for sale of this program or packaging it in products for sale and for use in commercial or governmental settings, including software developers who distribute HotBasic-compiled executables. If one or more compiled programs are used by anybody, including yourself, HotBasic must, of course, be registered.
By downloading these materials, you further agree not to post these files in any manner for download or transfer by any means including by the internet.
By downloading these files, you also agree to the licensing statement of Microsoft Corporation included with their utilities.

"Permission" above equals Registration.
At present, registration entitles users to future HotBasic upgrades without any further charge.

Single-User Registration in USD
HotBasic PentHouse for Windows
$89 for new HotBasic users
$59 for registered HotBasic Linux users

HotBasic PentHouse for Linux
$79 for new HotBasic users
$49 for registered HotBasic Windows users
Please email if you prefer to register by check (cheque) or by bank wire transfer, without using PayPal.
Please contact us for Multi-User License Agreements.

Is HotBasic Free?
Non-profit organizations need income as others do. The Trial version is for evaluation purposes only. Even if you require no additional features in HotBasic -- and a wide variety of very useful executables can be produced with the features in the Trial version, any use of compiled programs requires registration per our agreement.
Copyright © 2003-2013 James J Keene PhD
HotBasic™ is a trademark of James J Keene
Original Publication: Nov 18, 2003

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