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Do you believe in angels?
You should do it.
Angels are not simple invisible and untouchable beings.
Some people are able to see them, although it is almost impossible to human´s eyes.

Angels protect us and guide us thrughout our lives...

"There exists another, an invisible world, real as our own,
it is around us: it is peopled with angels, they travel with you and play a part in your lives".
(Pope Pius XII)

"Each has guardian angels before him and behind him,
who watch him by God´s command".
(The Koran)

"I believe we are free, within limits,
and yet there is an unseen hand, a guiding angel,
that somehow, like a submerged propeller, drives us on".
(Rabindranath Tagore)

"The Angels are the dispensers and administrators
of the divine beneficence towards us; they regard our safety, undertake our defense,
direct our ways, and exercise a constant solicitude that no evill befall us".
(John Calvin)

"The most beautiful things we can experience is the myterious".
(Albert Einstein)


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I have searched them all very carefully in Internet.
If anyone is the owner and disagree, please inform me and I will submit it.
Anyway, I thank the owner(s) for lending me them.







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Barbiels Tag
The meaning of Barbiel (Barkiel, Baruel)

Once a prince of the order of virtues and of the order of archangels.
He is the angel of the month of October and one of the twenty-eight angels of the twenty-eighth mansions of the moon.
In Barrett, The Magus, Barbiel is equated with Barakiel - one of the seven archangels, one of the four ruling seraphim,
angel of the month of February and prince of the second Heaven as well as of the order of confessors.
Barakiel has dominion over lightning and is also one of the chief angels of the first and fourth altitudes or chora in the Almadel of Solomon.
In addition, he is a ruler of the planet Jupiter and the zodiacal sign of Scorpio and Pisces.
With the angles Uriel and Rubiel, Barakiel is invoked to bring success in games of chance.

In the underworld, Barbiel serves as one of the Seven electors, under the suzerainty of Zaphiel.

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