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2ZZ Conversion

08/02/04 -

Since the detonation of the 1ZZ-FE I have bought a Japanese 2ZZ-GE Engine, Gearbox and ECU. I realise that being an SMT I will also have to convert it to a manual as the ECU is not incompatible.

21/02/04 -

The 2ZZ-GE Engine and Gearbox have been dropped in with the 1ZZ-FE wiring loom and fuel rail. The 2ZZ-GE ECU has been bolted in place of the 1ZZ-FE .

22/02/04 -

All Hoses have been connected and the shifter cables have been placed in the transmission tunnel.

23/07/04 -

The day before JAE and finally the engine has been run up. All coolant levels and oils have been checked for its first journey.

Upgrades for the 2ZZ-GE

2ZZ-GE Engine
From: Jap Car Ltd
Price: 1039.87 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

1ZZ-FE modified Engine Loom
From: M&J Auto Salvage
Price: 50 (Used)

6 Speed Maunal Gearbox
From: Jap Car Ltd
Price: 411.25 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

From: Jap Car Ltd
Price: 352.50 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Custom Shifter Shaft
From: Little Rocket (US)
Price: $200 (Inc. Shipping)

Unichip Piggy Back ECU with Custom PNP harness
From: Dastek
Price: $340 (Chip Used), $279 (Harness New)

Custom Manifold, from 2ZZ-GE Flange and 1ZZ-FE Header (Pre-Cats removed and Heat Wrapped)
From: F1 Moto
Price: 20 (Labour only)

BCH Intake tube with HKS Air Filter
From: Corky Engineering
Price: 80 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Custom Downpipe
From: Hayward & Scott
Price: 50 (Used)

Twin Exhaust
From: TTE
Price: 0 (Came with car)

Lightweight Racing Battery
From: Hawker Odyssey (PC680)
Price: 35 (Used)

Custom Battery Box
From: Corky Engineering
Price: $40 (Inc. Shipping)

Brass Bushings
From: Speed Source
Price: $26 (Inc. Shipping)

Short Shifter
From: TRD - MTTE
Price: 110.50 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Verso Cruise Grounding Kit
From: Apexi - Taka Kaira
Price: 19,800 Yen

Oil Catch Tank with Breather Filter
From: Chase Performance
Price: 50

Silicon Hoses
From: Chase Performance
Price: 40

Engine Lid Fan
From: Speed Source
Price: $245 (Inc. Shipping)

Braided Brake Hoses
From: Good Ridge (MR2ROC GB)
Price: 51.50 (Inc. Shipping)