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Matrix Calculator - NEW VERSION AVAILABLE!

Mcalcdos is a free command line linear algebra calculator capable of matrix, vector and polynomial operations in real and complex fields.


Download mcalcdos.exe v0.3 for free!!

A newly updated version of mcalcdos.exe is now available! Please click above to download the latest version, which includes an up-to-date help file.

Click here for updates made to the current release.

To use, simply input mathematical expressions in the same manner as written to return the result. For a list of available functions, type help. To ease input, multiplication is implied between adjacent operands.

e^(2 pi i) + 0.5 cos (2 pi/3)

Variables are assigned using = as in the following example:

a = (1 + sqrt 5) / 2

Once assigned, variables can be used in subsequent expressions. The variable ans is automatically updated to the result of the previous expression. Other reserved names include pi, i, e, X (which is used in polynomial expressions) and all the function names. Any other variable names are permitted.

varname = 14 e ^ 0.7

newvar = 3.7! + varname

Input matrices with [], vectors with {} and polynomials with X

matrix_A = [4, 7][2, 3]

vector_b = {1, -2}

inverse a * b

eval (X^3 - 7X + 1, -3)

Eventually, this program will be given a windows GUI, but until then, feel free to use and distribute the text based version. Please contact me with any questions, comments or for (very) limited support.