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Pablo Neruda

Born in 1904 in the rainy south of Chile, Pablo Neruda enjoyed from an early age the luck of attention. One of his first books, Twenty Love Poems, became a bible for lovers in the Spanish language, and confirmed him in his poet's vocation. At the same time he pursued a lifelong career as a diplomat, serving in a series of consular posts in the Far East and Europe. In 1971, while serving as Chilean ambassador to France, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.
In a famous essay, "On Impure Poetry," Neruda calls for "a poetry as impure as old clothes, as a body with its foodstains and it's shame, with wrinkles, observations, dreams, wakefulness, prophesies, declarations of love and hate, stupidities, shocks, idylls, political beliefs, negations, doubts, affirmations, and taxes." His poems everywhere manifest his entranced absorbtion in everything around him, human and natural, in a voice that is loving and scathing as occasion demands.
(above excerpt taken from the back cover of "Selected Poems" edited by Nathaniel Tarn)
Pablo Neruda was a poetic genius and lover and his works have been the second biggest influence on my writing.

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10 Pablo Neruda Poems (English Translation)
Leaning Into The Afternoons Everyday You Play Tonight I Can Write Alliance (Sonata) Weak With The Dawn
Love The Potter Your Hands Your Laughter Night On The Island

10 Pablo Neruda Poems (Original Spanish Version)
Inclinado en las Tardes Juegas Todos Los Días Puedo Escribir Los Versos Alianza (Sonata) Débil del Alba
El Amor El Alfarero Tus Manos Tu Risa La Noche En La Isla
1st 5 works borrowed from Pablo Neruda Selected Poems.
COPYRIGHT © 1970 by Anthony Kerrigan, W.S. Merwin, Alastair Reid and Nathaniel Tarn
2nd 5 works borrowed from Pablo Neruda The Captain's Verses COPYRIGHT © 1972 by Pablo Neruda and Donald D. Walsh

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