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Name: Vincent Messina
Sign: Pisces
Artist Name: The Dreamer

"The best part of life is the variety" and Vincent Messina has been trying to soak up as much of that variety as possible. You will find his interests and influences to be as abstract as his life. From music to poetry, from Connecticut to Hawaii, from joy to pain, life has thrown him as many curve balls as imaginable. While rolling with the punches and blindly following his dreams, he has built up a resevoir full of emotions and experience which have overflowed into the constructive channels of art. His goal in life along with this website is to share all the amazing talent and beauty there is in this world, with the focus being on the people and things which inspire him the most. You will hopefully find his inspirations as uplifting as he has. You will also find plenty of links to other sites. While they may not be the fire of his soul, they very well could be the fire for someone elses. Like he said before "the best part of life is the variety". The biggest influence (and most important) in his life are his dreams. "To me, my dreams are everything. I feel that once you stop dreaming, you stop living". "Whether your dreams are to become a chef or fall in love, maybe even the dream of making the world a better place, no matter what they are, they are the voices of our soul. This is why only we can hear them. They are the essence of our hopes, pushing us on against all odds. Alone we have them, together we share them. Collectively they shape the world we live in." So, in the famous words of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith "DREAM ON, KEEP ON DREAMIN TILL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE".

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