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Greetings! I'm one of many writing team organizers of CabalArticles, a famous content writing company. We can publish in Spanish and English for multinational world wide web audiences, and are available for articles and other content development for your web page. Below you will read my resume, and you should be able to read other writing team organizers and team members' resumes on this web-site. At the bottom of my resume, you're going to notice some samples of our posted posts. For work queries, please contact us with the form on this site and we'll react as soon as can be.

Shirley A. Ramon
4014 Granville Lane
Whippany, NJ

Summary of Qualifications
Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rivier College
10 years of article writing experience (exclusively for Web audiences)
Stunning fluency in Latin and Spanish
Dependable, group-oriented worker with a knack for specifics

Business Expertise
CabalArticles, New York City, NY
2001 - Present
Staff Manager
In charge of planning a global staff of freelance writers to meet a demanding set of growth targets.
- Set records for efficiency, raising production by 20% worldwide
- Correctly operated dependable logs of job distribution
- Addressed QC for world-wide production across a large staff of copy writers

Special Skills and Abilities

Fluent in Latin and Spanish
State-of-the-art skills with a wide choice of office computer software

Samples of Released Works