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Welcome to Kaboom!
Kaboom was created solely for the pistol shooter, and contains an ever-growing collection of original pistol photography, artwork, free targets, and links to other pistol sites.

18/09/02 - Hey guys and gals! Sorry bout the lack of updates lately, I'd like to do some more pistol gifs if there is any interest; click here to send me a suggestion for the next gif. Please help support KABOOM! by joining up with Paypal if you haven't already (follow the link at the bottom of the screen; heck, you get $5 bucks for free, plus it makes it SOOO much easier to send as well as recieve payments online. Well, thats all for now, keep shooting and take it easy! :)
17/09/02 - Hey hey! The new layout is up and ready. Hopefully everything should still work ok, minus those damn pop-ups! Feel free to tell me what you think of the new layout by clicking here. What do you think of the animations? Click here to vote in the new poll. Happy Shooting! :)
05/09/02 - Sorry again about the pop-ups, I've decided to remedy the sitch by losing the frames setup. Within a few days the new layout should be in place. Thanks to all who have sent me feedback and voted in the poll; you have all helped me with this decision. Just a note to all who send me feedback: make sure to include your email addy in the message if you want a reply, as I do not recieve it through the feedback server which processes the emails, they are all sent anonamously
19/08/02 - .GIFS GALORE!!! New animated gifs of Walther P22 and Glock 34 are ready. Click here to tell me what you think, or send me a suggestion/request. If you think they rock, go ahead and vote for my site by clicking here. Don't forget to vote in the new poll so I can make this site better for you. If you're getting sick of these damn Angelfire pop-ups, maybe you can help get my site sponsored... In the meantime I suggest you let the initial "Welcome to an Angelfire member site" pop-up stay in your browser,but get rid of the other one. If you get rid of the "Welcome..." pop-up it will just reappear like the sneaky little bastard it is... damn those pop-ups!!! :(



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