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What I offer here is what Sorcerers and Magicians the world over have been offering for thousands of years - an edge. You can think of it as probability engineering: nudging the forces of chance just a bit in your direction.

I have many years of occult training and practice behind me and use a unique blend of Ceremonial Magick, Hoodoo, and Himalayan Sorcery to work on behalf of my clients.

I offer a wide variety of services that include the making of the Setting of Lights, Conjure Hands, and the making of Elemental Spirit bottles, as well as more advanced and involved spellwork tailored to specific situations and people. People in the New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York city areas can schedule appointments for cleansings and other personal work.


I have room on my altar for many candles and will am pleased to offer a setting of lights for those that need some illumination in tough times. I will take your requests through e-mail and make a traditional petition, and set it under a properly dress and empowered candle and pray over it on your behalf. I ask for a Five Dollar donation in order to help pay for supplies such as oils and candles, but if you truly cannot afford even that because of a bad situation, contact me anyway at and I will see how I can help you. 


These talismans, also called Mojo Hands or Gris-Gris, are a staple of the American Hoodoo tradition. My bags contain a traditional combination of herbal, mineral, zoological, and symbolic ingredients which are empowered to help you achieve the desired result. I make bags for all kinds of reasons but some of the most common that I do are:

Apart from these basic bags, I make larger triple strength bags, and charms that are personalized for your individual situation. Contact me at and give me the details of your situation.


Spirit bottles contain the seal of an elemental or planetary spirit which has been summoned into the bottle and various  herbal, mineral, zoological, and symbolic ingredients that empower the spirit to accomplish goals set out for it. These bottles are meant for long-term goals and are set on your altar or other special places in your home. Each bottle is made to order and thier construction and appearance vary. If you think you might like me to make a Spirit Bottle for you contact me at and give me the details of your situation.


I can sometimes be hired to work on more advanced and custom situations for clients when needed. I can also give instructions for doing spells on your own if desired.    


Due to time constraints I no longer offer Tarot readings by phone. I will almost always do short readings on Spellwork that I am hired to do and will likely share the results, but these are done at no extra charge. 

I reserve the right to refuse requests for any reason, including lack of time to give it proper attention and ethical conflicts. I am a spiritual worker and cannot be hired to do just anything.


Lastly, It is important to know that although sorcery is powerful, you will still have to take the normal mundane steps to achieve your goals.  You cannot expect a job finding bag to work if you aren't sending out your resume. A Love drawing spell will not work if you stay inside every night watching television. First comes the working, than comes the work. 


Legally speaking, so magickal effects can be guaranteed. All Conjure Bags, Readings and Services offered as Entertainment only