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Grumman Memorial Park - Official website

Northrop Grumman - Official website

U.S. Navy - Official website

U.S. Air Force - Official website

NASA - Official website

F-22 Raptor - Official website for the upcoming fighter

Joint Strike Fighter - Official website for the upcoming fighter

Jane's Information Group - Aerospace information - Aviation search engine and directory

Best Aviation Sites - List of top aviation websites

Cradle of Aviation - History of Long Island aviation

Home of M.A.T.S. - F-14 reference

Global Security - Global military website

War Maps Library - Provides extensive maps of various wars and conflicts throughout history

The Black Vault - Provides various government documents on secret projects

Web sources: Grumman Memorial Park, Cradle of Aviation, Northrop Grumman, Home of M.A.T.S., Global Security (sites linked above).

Book sources: Grumman Aircraft: Since 1929 by Francillon, Rene J.