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G-1: Model A amphibious floats for the Vought O2U-4 and O3U-1.
G-2: Model B amphibious floats for the Vought O3U-1.
G-3: Proposed twin-engined, parasol monoplane flying-boat for the US Coast Guard.
G-4: Proposed observation amphibian for the Army Air Corps.
G-5: FF series.
G-6: XSF-1 and SF-1.
G-7: XJF-1 and JF-1.
G-8: F2F series.
G-9: JF-2.
G-10: JF-3.
G-11: XF3F-1 and F3F-1.
G-12: Proposed army observation aircraft derived from the SF-1.
G-13: XSF-2.
G-14: XSBF-1.
G-15: J2F series.
G-16: XF4F-1.
G-17: Proposed single-seat monoplane.
G-18: XF4F-2.
G-19: XF3F-2, F3F-2, XF3F-3, and F3F-3.
G-20: Export version of JF-2 for Argentina.
G-21: Goose.
G-22: Gulfhawk II.
G-23: Export variant of the FF-1/SF-1 for Canadian Car & Foundry.
G-24: Proposed advanced trainer with F3F wings.
G-25: Proposed Navy high-altitude fighter with two Allison V-1710 engines.
G-26: XJ3F-1.
G-27: Proposed two-seat twin-engined amphibian for the Navy.
G-28: No record.
G-29: Proposed two-seat Navy fighter powered by an Allison V-1710 installed as a pusher.
G-30: Proposed two-seat Navy fighter powered by an Allison V-1710.
G-31: OA-9 series.
G-32: Gulfhawk III and Red Ship.
G-33: Proposed development of the XF4F-2 with an R-2600 engine.
G-34: XF5F-1.
G-35: Proposed fighter with R-2600 engine.
G-36: XF4F-3, F4F-3, XF4F-8, and export variants.
G-37: Proposed F3F-2 development for export.
G-38: JRF-1 and JRF-1A.
G-39: JRF-2, JRF-3, and JRF-4/JRF-6.
G-40: TBF series.
G-41: Proposed army version of XF5F-1 with conventional undercarriage.
G-42: Proposed single-engined utility amphibian, became the Columbia XJL-1.
G-43: Proposed Army version of XF4F-3.
G-44: Widgeon.
G-45: Proposed Army version of XF5F-1 with a nosewheel undercarriage; became the XP-50.
G-46: XP-65.
G-47: Proposed patrol utility version of the JRF.
G-48: Proposed patrol utility amphibian.
G-49: Proposed export fighter with two R-2600 engines.
G-50: F6F series.
G-51: F7F series.
G-52: F4F-7.
G-53: Modified F4F-4 with full-span Duplex flaps.
G-54: Proposed development of the F6F with a laminar-flow wing of greater area.
G-55: XTB2F-1.
G-56: Proposed development of TBF-1 with an R-2800 engine and Martin dorsal turret.
G-57: Design study for Navy fighter powered by an R-2800 and a turbojet.
G-58: F8F Bearcat series.
G-59: Proposed F6F development with a two-speed R-4360 engine.
G-60: Proposed F6F development with an R-4360 and two-stage supercharger.
G-61: Proposed F6F development with an auxiliary GE jet engine.
G-62: Design study for small jet fighter.
G-63: Kitten I.
G-64: UF-1/SA-16A Albatross series.
G-65: Tadpole.
G-66: XTSF-1.
G-67: Proposed version of the F7F-2 with an I-20 turbojet behind the R-2800 nacelles.
G-68: Proposed Navy fighter with a TG-100 propeller turbine.
G-69: Proposed R-2800-22 powered single-seat aircraft derived from the F6F.
G-70: XTB3F-1.
G-71: Proposed Navy single-seat fighter with a Westinghouse W-24C turbojet.
G-72: Kitten II.
G-73: Mallard.
G-74: Proposed postwar development of the Widgeon.
G-75: XF9F-1.
G-76: Proposed high-altitude special bomber.
G-77: Proposed swept-wing research aircraft.
G-78: Towed target glider study.
G-79: F9F Panther series.
G-80: High-speed transport aircraft study based on the F7F.
G-81: Kitten I fitted with ducted wing.
G-82: AF Guardian series.
G-83: Began as study of XF9F-2 with wing sweep and led to the development of the XF10F.
G-84: Short take-off fighter study.
G-85: Classified bomber study.
G-86: Proposed carrier-based interceptor with a J40 turbojet and a Curtiss-Wright rocket engine.
G-87: Land-based transport aircraft study based on the JR2F design.
G-88: Proposed ASW derivative of the UF-1.
G-89: S2F-1/S2F-2 series.
G-90: Guardian study to replace the AF-2S and AF-2W with single aircraft fitted with an APS-33 radar.
G-91: Proposed single-engined ASW aircraft.
G-92: VTO fighter study.
G-93: F9F-6 and F9F-7 Cougar series.
G-94: XWF-1.
G-96: C-1 Trader series.
G-97: Proposed Navy fighter with a J57 turbojet.
G-98: F11F Tiger series.
G-99: F9F-8 and F9F-8P Cougar series.
G-100: Proposed development of F9F-9 with large equipment bay.
G-101: 10 to 12 seat transport aircraft study based on TF-1.
G-102: 10 to 12 seat jet transport study.
G-103: Grumman work on the de Harilland of Canada CS2F-1.
G-104: Proposed air refuelling tanker version of the TF-1.
G-105: F9F-8T.
G-106: Proposed UF-2 development.
G-107: Air Force interceptor study.
G-108: Air Force amphibian study.
G-109: High-altitude weapon system study (including Eagle air-to-air missile).
G-110: FXF fighter study.
G-111: UF-2/SA-16B Albatross series.
G-112: Improved S2F study.
G-113: Proposed J79-powered flex-deck interceptor.
G-114: VTO study and survey.
G-115: Proposed Trader development as photographic platform (TF-1P).
G-116: Twinjet transport study.
G-117: WF-2/E-1 Tracer series.
G-118: Mach-2 plus fighter study.
G-119: XF12F-1 design studies.
G-120: Proposed de Havilland of Canada version of the Trader.
G-121: S2F-3 series.
G-122: Commercial amphibian study.
G-123: E-2 Hawkeye and C-2 Greyhound series.
G-124: Single-engined jet basic trainer study.
G-125: TF-1Q
G-126: Proposed Trader training version with APS-28 and APA-57 for use by FAETU.
G-127: Wing body interaction research model.
G-128: A-6 Intruder and EA-6 Prowler series.
G-134: OV-1 Mohawk series.
G-159: Gulfstream I.
G-164: AgCat series.
G-191: Albatross for Germany.
G-231: Albatross (CSR-110) for Canada.
G-234: Albatross for USCG (UF-2G) and Argentina.
G-251: ASW Albatross.
G-262: Albatross for Japan.
G-303: F-14 Tomcat series.
G-426: TC-4C Academe.
G-712: X-29.
G-1159: Gulfstream II.