Part 28


1.     hang in there 不打退堂鼓;坚忍不拔

2.     hang tough 硬挺着干某事

3.     happy as a clam 兴高采烈

4.     hard-boiled egg 硬汉子, 硬骨头

5.     hardcore  死心塌地的,露骨的

6.     take a hard look 仔细研究,严格审查

7.     hard science 化学、物理之类的自然科学

8.     hard sell 上门兜售

9.     be hard up 一贫如洗

10. do something the hard way 用最笨的方法干某事

11. hate someone’s guts 对某人恨之入骨

12. hat in hand 必恭必敬地

13. haul off at someone 对某人破口大骂

14. haul someone up 逮捕某人,把某人抓起来

15. have a big mouth 多嘴(尤指谈论他人的私事)



1.      be not in someone’s favor 对某人不利

2.      bit the bullet 顶住

3.      keep a stiff upper lip 坚强不屈

4.      see which way the cat jumps 看看形势再说

5.      go to the dogs 破产

6.      courage under stress 临危不惧  

7.      give up hope 绝望

8.      turn the tables 反过手来

9.      use one’s noodle 动动脑筋

10.  come up with… 想出……

11.  be wishy-washy 没有骨气的

12.  at the end of one’s tether 智穷力竭

13.  crack down on…打击……

14.  keep one’s fingers crossed 等着听好消息

15.  be chicken-hearted 胆小鬼

16.  chicken out 逃脱,退缩

17.  make bundles 赚大钱

18.  Nothing venture, nothing gained. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子。

19.  Pennies won’t fall from heaven. 天上不会掉下馅饼(钱币)。

20.  be hush-hush 不要声张

21.  not breathe a word 不吐露一个字

22.  blow something 把某事搞砸

23.  be in the dark 一无所知

24.  keep something from someone 向某人隐瞒某事

25.  let the cat out of the bag 泄密

26.  a risky business 有风险的事

27.  chew the cud 深思,反复思考

28.  hit below the belt 背后使坏

29.  tell on someone 告发某人

30.  sell someone down the river 出卖某人

31.  have a hunch that… 预感到……

32.  freeload 白吃白喝

33.  give someone the gate 把某人赶走

34.  swear like a trooper 破口大骂

35.  a wolf in a sheep’s clothing 披着羊皮的狼

36.  put out a feeler 试探某人的反应

37.  take one’s revenge on… 报复……

38.  a man with a history 有犯罪历史的人,有前科的人

39.  be not born yesterday 并不傻,不是昨天才出生的

40.  have someone’s number 知道某人的底细

41.  dig dirt about… 诽谤……

42.  give someone’s a dose of his own medicine  以其人之道,还治其人之身

43.  not let someone go Scot-free 不会轻饶了某人

44.  teach someone a lesson 教训某人一顿


Dialogue For Practice

A=Bob                B=Sue  

A: What shall we do now? The situation is not our favor(对我们不利).

B: Hang in there and bit the bullet(顶住). If we keep a stiff upper lip(坚强不屈)we may soon get out of the situation.

A: But they have threatened to close our business. We have to stop.

B: We must see which way the cat jumps(看看形势再说)before we decide what to do.

A: What if our business goes to the dogs(破产)? I suggest we change our business line.

B: Hang tough and we’ll be all right. Persistence is important.

A: We have too much stress. We can’t make anything a hit if we are doing things under pressure.

B: That’s not true. Many great things are the products of stress. And the courage under stress(临危不惧)itself is a great thing.

A: I can’t understand why you are still as happy as a clam.

B: Smile, and the world will smile with you; weep, and you’ll weep alone. We can’t give up hope(绝望), can we?

A: No. But things are at a disadvantaged situation for us. How can we turn the tables(反过手来)?

B: Use our noodle(动动脑筋)and we may come up with(想出)better ideas of getting out of this situation. You don’t seem to be a hard-boiled egg. You’re wishy-washy(没有骨气).

A: I’m at the end of my tether(智穷力竭). I don’t know what to do. Besides, the police are cracking down on (打击)the sales of unlicensed drinks.

B: I have my way to continue. Keep your fingers crossed(等着听好消息)and you will soon know how I can change the situation.

A: You’re indeed a hardcore girl. No wonder many people say you’re gutsy.

B: You can’t achieve anything except failure if you are wishy-washy.

A: I know. But the pressure is too high. I can hardly put up with the pressure.

B: You’re chicken-hearted(胆小鬼). You always chicken out(逃脱,退缩)on difficult things.  This is why you can’t make bundles(赚大钱)the same as many other people do.

A: I know I’m too timid at times, but if you take a hard look at the situation, you may realize that we are doing a very risky business.

B: Risky business? Nothing venture, nothing gained(不入虎穴,焉得虎子). Pennies won’t fall from heaven(天上不会掉馅饼).

A: But do you have some ideas about how to change the situation? I’m too scared.

B: Of course I have. But it’s hush-hush(不要声张). Don’t breathe a word(不吐露一个字)about it to anyone, or you will blow(告吹,搞砸)the whole thing.

A: I’m still in the dark(仍一无所知)about your hint. We are still selling unlicensed drinks.

B: It’s a pity for a man of the hard science. You learned chemistry and physics at college, didn’t you?

A: Yes, I did. But what does that have anything to do with our business?

B: I will soon let you know what is what.

A: I’m eager to know what game you’re playing.

B: I won’t let you know how I will play the game, but you will know the result of it.

A: Why do you keep things from(保密)me? I already promised not to let the cat out of the bag(泄密).

B: I can’t trust your big fat mouth(破嘴). What I want you to know is that we’ll engage ourselves in hard selling instead of our normal sales.

A: But where can we employ the people to hard sell our products?

B: You see, the market is hard up for jobs, and we can provide unemployed people with job opportunities. We have no worries in finding the people we need.

A: But that’s still a risky business(有风险的事). If one of the hired salespersons lets the cat out of the bag(泄密), what will you do?

B: I bet(我保证) they won’t . Nobody wants to lose his job.

A: I think we’re doing our business the hard way.

B: No great business is picnic. And we may sort things out(把事情弄明白)through the hard thing.

A: I know what you mean. But I still suggest we change the business and do something else.

B: I might chew the cud of(反复思考)that if you insist.

A: It suddenly reminds me of something. There must be someone who wanted to hit us below the belt(背后使坏).

B: How come you come to that conclusion?

A: How did the police know that we were selling unlicensed drinks?

B: Do you mean to say someone has told on(告发)us?

A: Yeah. If nobody hats our guts and tries to sell us down the river(出卖人), how can the police know what we were doing?

B: Then who do you think that has sold us down the river?

A: I don’t know exactly, but I have a bunch(预感到)that someone must have told the police.

B: Have you thought about Joe’s father? He always wants to freeload(白吃白喝)and about two months ago, he wanted to have a free drink and I gave him the gate(把他赶走). Maybe it is that man who blew the whistle(告发)on our business.

A: That sounds more reasonable. But he always comes to us hat in hand. He doesn’t look like that sort of man.

B: He doesn’t look like that sort? Last week he hauled off at a waitress in the restaurant nearby. He was swearing like a trooper(破口大骂). To me , he is more like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing(披着羊皮的狼).

A: I didn’t know that. It is most likely that he had told on us. But we need to put out a feeler(试探反应)before we’re sure of our judgment. But why did he want to hit us below the belt(背后使坏)?  He had no reason to take his revenge on(报复)us.

B: He’s a man with a history(有前科的人). It’s said that the police might haul him up for another case. Maybe he wanted to impress the police.

A: The police were not born yesterday(并不傻). He can’t fool them.

B: Of course not. They’ve got his number(知道他的底细)and know what sort of man he is.

A: I just know that he has a big mouth, always digging dirt about (诽谤)other people. But I didn’t know he is a man with a history(有前科的人).

B: Some other people are thinking of giving him a dose of his own medicine(以其人之道,还治其人之身). But we must make sure if it was him who had sold us.

A: That’s right. If it was he who did that, I won’t let him go Scot-free(不会轻饶了他).

B: That’s for sure(那是当然的). We must teach him a lesson (教训他一顿)and let him know what we think.


The End of Part28

To be continue