Part 19


1.     drift off track 越轨;不守本分

2.     drive someone up the wall 把人逼得走投无路

3.     drool over something 迷恋某人或某事

4.     a drug on the market 卖不出去的东西

5.     a dumb bunny 马大哈, 傻瓜

6.     dump on… 对……吹毛求疵

7.     Dutch courage 酒后之勇

8.     Dutch treat 各付各的钱

9.     an eager beaver 积极肯干的人

10. the eagers 迫切的心情,热心过度



1.      be upset 心烦意乱

2.      What’s eating you? 你有什么烦心事吗?

3.      get on someone’s nerves 是某人心烦意乱

4.      be as meek as a lamb 很乖,很温顺

5.      be in bad company 跟坏人在一起

6.      be off the beams 做错事,闪失;步入歧途

7.      fool around 鬼混

8.      dropouts 辍学者

9.      hang together 结合在一起

10.  one’s hangout 某人常去的地方

11.  keep tabs on… 监视……

12.  be spent 筋疲力尽

13.  keep tracks of… 跟踪……

14.  misconduct 不轨的行为

15.  fall for 爱上……

16.  be up to no good 不会干什么好事

17.  be busy with… 忙于……

18.  play hookey 逃学

19.  keep close watch on… 密切注视……

20.  clue to… ……的 线索

21.  not abnormal 并非不正常

22.  be crazy about… 酷爱……

23.  be down the hill 走下坡路

24.  a false alarm 虚惊一场

25.  get the goods on… 抓到……的把柄

26.  none of one’s business 不关某人的事

27.  mend one’s own business 不要管他人的闲事

28.  jump down someone’s throat 让某人受不了

29.  put up with… 容忍

30.  a peacemaker 和事老

31.  give someone a free hand 让某人自由行事

32.  keep nothing from… 对……不隐瞒任何事

33.  have had one too many 喝多了

34.  have hollow legs 海量

35.  be drunk under the table 被灌醉

36.  egg someone on 怂恿某人

37.  clip joints 高消费的餐厅

38.  pocket money 零花钱

39.  according to… 根据……

40.  can’t afford 花不起钱

41.  foot the bill 付款

42.  pull one’s weight 工作卖力气

43.  born losers 废物

44.  halfwits 愚蠢的人

45.  bell the cat 为别人的利益冒险

46.  think of… 想出个……

47.  stop someone from… 阻止某人干……

48.  be at one’s wits’ end 无计可施

49.  rack one’s brains 绞尽脑汁

50.  abandon oneself to despair 自暴自弃

51.  calm down 冷静下来

52.  be worried stiff 烦得要命

53.  take things easy 不要太认真


Dialogue For Practice

A=Mary                    B=Lora

A: You seem to be upset(心烦意乱). What’s eating you(你有什么心烦的事吗?)?

B: It’s because of my son. Dick keeps getting on my nerves(使我心烦意乱).

A: Dick? How come? He used to be as meek as a lamb(很乖).

B: Yes, he used to be. But now he’s drifting off traffic.

A: He must have been in bad company(跟坏人在一起), or he wouldn’t be off the beams(做错事,步入歧途).

B: He’s been fooling around(鬼混)with a gang of dropouts(辍学者). They hang together(结合在一起).

A: Do you know their hangout(常去的地方)?

B: I’ve been trying to keep tabs on(监视)them, but I’m spent(筋疲力尽)and can’t keep tracks of(跟踪)them. He’s really driving me up the wall.

A: You need someone else to help to stop him. You can’t see him go on like that.

B: I’ve asked some of my friends to have a talk with him, but none seemed to be able to do anything about his misconduct(不轨行为).

A: You must find out what he’s been drooling over before you can sort things out.

B: There’s no way for me to know what he fell for(爱上), but I’m sure he’s up to no good(不会干什么好事).

A: Does he still go to school?

B: He says he is busy with(忙于)his studies, but his teacher complains that he often plays hookey(逃学).

A: Maybe you can keep close watch on(密切注视)the things he often buys. That may give you some clue to(线索)what he’s been doing behind you.

B: He seldom takes things home. He may occasionally bring back one or two items, like a fashion magazine, usually a drug on the market for adults(成年人).

A: That may be enough to give you some clue for your future chase(跟踪).

B: That’s not abnormal(并非不正常)for a youngster, Young people all seem to be crazy about(酷爱)that.

A: What exactly has he been worrying you? If you don’t know what he has done wrong, why should you be so troubled(感到心烦)?

B: His school marks are down the hill(走下坡路), and he comes time he comes back home. I have a hunch that he’s doing something sinful(罪恶的).

A: He’s not a dumb bunny. I think it may be a false alarm(虚惊一场)to you. He knows what he is doing and where he is going, I suppose. If you haven’t got the goods on(抓到他的把柄)him, you don’t need to dump on(吹毛求疵) him. You will only make the matter worse.

B: I trust my feelings. And when I asked him what he was doing, he was very rude and told me that was none of my business(不关我的事). He even asked me to mend my own business(不要管闲事). He jumped down my throat(让我受不了). I can’t put up(容不得)with that.

A: What does his dad say?

B: John is a peacemaker(和事老). He simply doesn’t bother. He says he should give him a free hand(让他自由行事).

A: One thing I have been wondering if I could ask.

B: Sure. I keep nothing from(对你不隐瞒任何事)you.

A: Does he drink a lot?

B: Yes, he does. He often has had one too many(喝多了). But when I advised him not to drink too much, he just boasted that he had hollow legs(海量)and nobody had ever drunk him under the table(灌醉).

A: That’s a problem. He has sort of Dutch courage and that will egg him on(怂恿)in doing anything. Drunken people are afraid of nothing.

B: Yeah. I know that they are hanging around in clip joints(高消费的餐厅), eating, drinking and that sort of thing.

A: Who pays for that? Where does his money come? You don’t give him a lot of pocket money(零花钱), do you?

B: No. We give according to(根据)his normal needs. He can’t afford(花不起钱)to eat out like that.

A: Their eating is often the sort of Dutch treat. Each pays one’s own food.

B: But my son says someone else foots the bill(付款)for him. I can’t believe that.

A: That might be true. You see, Mark is an eager beaver(积极肯干的人). He always pulls his weight(工作卖力气)in whatever he does. He deserves a free treat.

B: What can he do for the dropouts? They are all born losers(废物)and halfwits(愚蠢的人).

A: We never know. Maybe they need an eager beaver like Mark.

B: I’m afraid that he is to bell the cat for(为别人的利益冒险)these guys. That’s a dangerous business.

A: I think we must think of(想出个)a better idea to stop him from(阻止他干)drinking too much.

B: I’m at my wits’ end(无计可施). I was racking my brains(绞尽脑汁)and I saw no hope in him.

A: Don’t abandon yourself to despair(自暴自弃). I know the eagers(迫切的心情,热心的过度) in you. But you must calm down(冷静下来)and think of some practical measures.

B: I know I’m pressing things too hard, but I’m worried stiff(烦得要命)about his life.

A: Mothers are all the same under heaven(天下). But you’ll have to take things easy(不要过分认真).


The End of Part 19 

To be continue.................................................................