Part 5


1.     beat around the bush 说话拐弯抹角

2.     beat one’s brains out 绞尽脑汁

3.     beat someone out 险胜某人

4.     beat the drum for…大肆鼓吹

5.     beat someone’s time 勾搭别人的恋人

6.     be beaten down to the ankles 筋疲力尽

7.     be beaut 引人注目或非同寻常的人或物

8.     the beautiful people 因时髦、富有而受人羡慕者

9.     bellyache 牢骚满腹

10. hit below the belt 背后使坏



1.      …prey heavy on one’s mind ……让某人心事重重

2.      be envious of… 羡慕

3.      make bundles赚大钱

4.      be in two minds 犹豫不决

5.      come up with… 想出,找出

6.      coin money 赚大钱

7.      be in high cotton 生意红火

8.      be on the gravy train 有发财的机遇

9.      rack one’s brains 绞尽脑汁

10.  aim at… 目的在于……

11.  show one’s own paces 显示身手

12.  be no picnic 不是闹着玩的,不是轻易的,

13.  take a lot of doing 很费事

14.  No pains, no gains. 没有耕耘就没有收获。

15.  Pennies won’t fall from heaven. 天上不会掉馅饼。

16.  be ready for… 准备好要……

17.  get side tracked 使分心

18.  wait and see 等着瞧

19.  be on good terms with… 与……的关系很好

20.  be indeed swell 确实很棒

21.  not give someone a tumble 不理睬某人

22.  You bet. 你放心

23.  be not in the mood for…没有干……的心情

24.  not wet behind the ears 并不傻

25.  see through… 看透

26.  a knock-out 非常漂亮的人

27.  Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚

28.  worship the ground someone treads on 拜倒在某人的脚下

29.  human nature 人的天性

30.  snobbery 势利眼

31.  look up to… 仰望,崇敬

32.  call a spade a spade 有什么说什么

33.  have enough of… 已厌烦……

34.  sing the praise for… 为……大唱赞歌

35.  flog a dead horse 做无用功,瞎耽误功夫

36.  have something to do with…与……有关


Dialogue for Practice

A= John             B=Mary

A: It seems that something is preying heavy on your mind(心事重重).

B: Yeah. I’m thinking of a way of becoming rich quick, the same as many other guys do.

A: I’m envious of(羡慕)them, too. But what can we do?

B: We can… we can do something.

A: Stop beating about the bush(说话别拐弯抹角). Tell me what you have in mind.

B: I’m thinking of doing something. I want to make bundles(赚大钱), too.

A: I know. But what are you thinking of doing to make bundles?

B: I’m still in tow minds(犹豫不决).

A: You always seem to be beating your brains out, and then without coming to any decision.

B: I may come up with(想出来)some good ideas.

A: What I want to know is your decision now. I mean what you want to do.

B: I’ve actually talked with some other women about running(经营)a special restaurant

A: I think so. And a friend of mine opened a restaurant and she is now coining money(赚大钱). Her business is in high cotton(生意红火).

A: Not everyone is on the gravy train(有发财的机遇), Mary.

B: I know. That’s why I have been racking my brains(绞尽脑汁). If I’m already on the gravy train, I won’t be bothering myself about what to do.

A: Do you think you can beat your friend out by doing a better business?

B: Well, I’m not aiming at(目的在于)beating her out. I just want to show my own paces(显示身手)and see what I can do. We can’t just sit at home and worry about our own life.

A: But managing a restaurant is no picnic(不是闹着玩的). It takes a lot of doing(很费事), you know?

B: No pains, no gains(不劳无获). Pennies won’t fall from heaven(天上不会掉馅饼).

A: Maybe you can consider a business that involves fewer pains.

B: I’m ready for(准备好)my restaurant business. I don’t want to get side tracked(分心).

A: I can’t understand why you are beating the drum for(大肆鼓吹)this business.

B: Wait and see(等着瞧). You will soon be beating the drum for my business.

A: I’ve talked a lot about your restaurant business and your friend’s with my friends. One of my friends seems to be on good terms with Sue.

B: What did he say about her?

A: He said that someone has been beating Mark’s time.

B: She’s indeed swell(确实很棒). But she wouldn’t give anyone a tumble(不会理会任何人), you bet(你放心).

A: But most girls won’t refuse men’s affections.

B: Sue has no time for them. She is beaten down to the ankles with her business and is not in the mood for(没有心情)dating(约会) anyone.

A: But someone is trying to date her. And he may be able to buy her affection by offering to help her business.

B: She is not wet behind the ears(并不傻). She can see through(看透)most men.

A: But Sue is indeed beaut(引人注目的人;尤物). Men can hardly resist such a knock-out(漂亮的人).

B: Birds of a feather flock together(物以类聚). You must be one of these men.

A: I know little of her, I only think she’s pretty and intelligent. Of course, she’s diligent, too.

B: That’s enough for you to worship the ground she treads on(拜倒在她的脚下).

A: People all like the beautiful people. It’s human nature(人的本性), isn’t it?

B: That’s one class of snobbery(势利眼).

A: But you look up to(崇拜)Sue, too, don’t you?

B: I am a woman. And I don’t look up to another man like you looks up to pretty women.

A: Saying is one thing, feeling is another. I’m only calling a spade to spade(有什么说什么).

B: Men are all alike. You never seem to get enough of(没够)taking about beautiful people.

A: Stop bellyaching. I’ve had enough of(已厌烦)your complaining about men.

B: I’ve had enough of hearing you sing the praises of the beautiful people, too.

A: Are you jealous(嫉妒)? You may have been talking about the beautiful people, too.

B: Maybe I have, but I haven’t and won’t sing their praises like you.

A: Let’s not flog a dead horse(做无用功). I’d tell you a piece of news.

B: Bad news, I suppose.

A: Yeah. Someone hit Mark below the belt. And Mark is very upset these days.

B: That must have something to do with(与有关)his girlfriend.

A: You’re right. It is the one who was trying to beat Mark’s time(勾搭马克的女朋友).

B: It’s vicious(阴险的)of him to do that.


The End of Part Five

To be continue .............................