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The Final Leap

The Final Leap

By: gelfling1220

In all honesty, I never intended to be a Leaper. I never intended to be a Trekkie either. It just sort of happened. It's rare that two scifi worlds collide, but below is a little scenario of "what if" which is not entirely implausible, thanks to Enterprise... It starts out based on the proposed cliffhanger ending to the final episode of Quantum Leap ("Mirror Image") and sort of goes on from there... Enjoy!

If you are interested in seeing a transcript to the original proposed ending, it is available at Stallion's Gate: Quantum Leap

With regard to Enterprise's timeline, this comic takes place not too long after the events of "Shockwave I & II", the two-part cliffhanger at the end of season one and involves elements of later season two episodes, such as "Future Tense" and "The Expanse". As a result, there are some spoilers for anyone who hasn't them yet... You have been warned!

If you are unfamiliar with one or both shows, I have created short "nutshell" primers (500 words or less) for each:

Enterprise (In a Nutshell)

Quantum Leap (In a Nutshell)

Additionally - I make no claims to scientific greatness, so I apologize in advance for any fuzzy or faulty science or technobabble... I really tried to make it plausible but even so - Nitpickers beware!

This is a work in progress... (Oh boy, is it a good deal of work! ^_^)

Technical Notes

Due to space reasons, I had temporarily compressed the comic pages into a .zip file. However due to general inconvenience to myself and people attempting to actually read the comic (wow, all three of 'em!) and lack of significant space saved, the comic has now been restored to its original form. The real difference from all this fiddling is that you can now access it page by page. Oh! And please forgive the incessant obligatory disclaimers and "geek zone" tags. They (unfortunately) load much quicker than the comic image. They may be annoying, but alas, they are necessary precautions... My apologies... Oh well, I suppose we can't have everything... ;-)

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Obligatory Disclaimer--Although the comic is my creative property (I did make it, after all...), all pictures, characters, logos, etc. are properties of their respective copyrights. No infringement is intended and pictures are used here for the purpose of entertainment, speculation and general amusement. If there are any problems, please contact me through the Feedback page. Many thanks to "Captain Mike" for supplying random technobabble and Yan, for enduring incessent questioning regarding continuity! Thanks also to Sue J Bakula for supplying QL screencaps! ^_^