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The Fondy Space Flight Institute (FSFI), or more commonly known as Fond du Lac Wisconsin's Rocket Club, has taken center stage in the Badger state. Rekindling the spirit of aeronautics in all and proving that, rocket science is not just for nerds.

FSFI is made up of two teams with about ten members per team. The Junior Varsity team consists of underclassmen, and the Varsity team is respectively composed of juniors and seniors. Members of the rocket club dedicate their time to promote and encourage high-powered rocketry, aviation, and space exploration in many different ways. FSFI�s main event of the year is participating in the annual Rockets for Schools competition held in Sheboygan, Wisconsin each May. The Fondy Space Flight Institute also speaks to local schools, participates in Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) events, and travels throughout the state promoting aeronautics and rocketry.
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Countdown To RFS 2006