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Judge prohibits foxhunting in Drenthe (for the moment)

On January the 28th 2003 the province of Drenthe decided foxhunting could continue again, because - according to farmers and hunters - they would cause an unacceptable amount of damage to some ground-birds and their eggs, to name but just one argument. This morning a judge from a court in Assen decided whether or not a suspend-request from De Faunabescherming (a national anti-hunt organisation mainly working in courts) is valid.

In short it comes down to this : The judge decided that all of the arguments made by the province why foxes should be shot to pieces where not valid. The province was unable to establish arguments such as : "There are too many foxes", "some ground-birds will exstinct if we may not shoot foxes" and more of that nonsense. The judge also stated that the province couldn't establish whether or not there are alternative means to protect crops, etc.

(Source : De Faunabescherming)

Note : Although this is a great victory for the foxes in Drenthe, this is only the second of twelve provinces in the Netherlands where foxes are protected by law from bloodthirsty scum. On the 27th of March 2003 another judge decided that foxes can be hunted in Friesland.

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